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How Tracy Morgan's New Show Helped Him Ease Back Into Acting After His Major Accident

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Tracy Morgan was one of the funniest men in primetime for years thanks to his role as Tracy Jordan on NBC's 30 Rock from 2006 to 2013. Sadly, he was involved in a traffic accident in 2014 that left him badly injured and comatose. The road to recovery was long and hard for Morgan, but he did ultimately make his way back to the limelight. He's poised to debut a brand new show on TBS, called The Last O.G., which will also star Cedric the Entertainer, Allen Maldonado, and Tiffany Haddish. Now, Morgan has revealed how working on The Last O.G. helped to ease him back into TV acting, saying this:

I have production and I have my crew and I love them, and they make sure I sit down. Cedric and Al and Ryan [Gaul] and Tiffany, they all [tell me], 'Sit down.' They don't ask me, they say, 'Sit down for a little while. Sit down.' So I'm good. I'm taken care of by my people and I love them with my heart and thank you for thinking about that. I'm well taken care of.

The eight days in a coma after the accident left Tracy Morgan with brain damage. While he has come a very long way in recuperating from what happened to him, he'll never be able to do absolutely everything he could before the crash. Fortunately, the people working on The Last O.G. with him are helping him to pace himself and take care of himself. His comments at the TCA summer press tour (via ETOnline) indicate that we don't have to worry that he's pushing himself too hard too quickly.

The road back to sitcom acting has been long for Tracy Morgan. It was more than a year after the accident that he finally returned to the spotlight with a heartfelt and hilarious speech at the 67th Emmy Awards. He would later return to Saturday Night Live for a hosting gig that helped him feel comfortable returning to comedy after his time away. He debuted his first post-accident comedy special on Netflix this year, and The Last O.G. will hit the airwaves in the fall.

On The Last O.G., Tracy Morgan will play an ex-con by the name of Tray who returns to the world after 15 years behind bars. He's shocked by how much the world has changed since he was first locked up, and his attempts to reconnect with his girlfriend don't go well when he discovers his neighborhood gentrified, his ex-girlfriend married, and the couple raising Tray's twins that he didn't even know existed. The sitcom will premiere with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, October 24 at 10 p.m. ET on TBS. It will settle into its regular time slot at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesdays in the following weeks. For what you can watch nowadays, take a gander at our summer TV guide.

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