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The Walking Dead is one of most epic and talked-about shows on television. AMC's version of the zombie apocalypse keeps viewers on the edges of their seats, and the new footage for Season 8 indicates we're in for one of the biggest and most explosive seasons to date. All of that said, Walking Dead executive producer Robert Kirkman doesn't believe that it is the best show on television. In fact, according to a social media post, there's one show on TV that he believes is better than anything he could ever do. Check it out!

Yes, it seems that Robert Kirkman is a big fan of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, which recently (and finally) returned to the airwaves for Season 3. Kirman's post on Twitter indicates that it was an upcoming Rick and Morty plot twist that motivated him to share his love for the show. We saw in the big Season 3 trailer that Rick would somehow and for some reason transform himself into a pickle, and the promo for the upcoming third episode features Rick in all his green pickled glory. It's still not entirely clear how the pickle transformation actually happens, but Kirkman is on board for the ride.

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Fortunately, Robert Kirkman doesn't come across as too bitter that Justin Roiland (who recently got an unexpected gift from McDonald's) and Dan Harmon have created what he considers a superior show to The Walking Dead. Hopefully his contentment means that we won't see The Walking Dead's Rick contemplating any pickles in the zombie apocalypse. We'll get leader Rick Grimes, father Rick Grimes, and even apparently old man Rick Grimes, but probably no pickle Rick Grimes.

That said, if ever there was a way for Rick of Rick and Morty and Rick of The Walking Dead to crossover, it would definitely be on Adult Swim. Robot Chicken has parodied both shows; why not Rick and Rick facing off in a future episode? Stranger things have happened, and there's no way it wouldn't be funny. In case you missed the sneak peek at Pickle Rick on Rick and Morty, prepare yourself for something ludicrously entertaining and check out the promo!

All things considered, we can be sure that Robert Kirkman wasn't the only one super excited about Rick and Morty recently. Fans were waiting for for than a year and a half for the third season to premiere, and it was beginning to feel like Season 3 was never going to happen. Creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon did ultimately deliver on their promise to get Season 3 on the air at some point in the summer, as the first episode aired on July 30.

You can catch the "Pickle Rick" episode of Rick and Morty on Sunday, August 6 on Adult Swim. Our summer TV guide can point you toward your other viewing options, and our fall TV premiere schedule can help you plan what to watch in the coming months.

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