What Former Doctor Who Star Jenna Coleman Thinks About The New Female Doctor

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When a new Doctor is announced for Doctor Who, it's impossible for the show's cast current and former not to be bombarded with questions about the selection. Fans have given their thoughts on Jodie Whittaker becoming the first female Doctor, and now former companion Clara Oswald (a.k.a. actress Jenna Coleman) shared her thoughts on the decision via satellite at the TCA press tour:

Oh, I love it. I think it's genius. I think she's brilliant and lovely. I can't wait to hear her speak. I want to hear the voice. I think it's very exciting times.

Good to know Jenna Coleman is on board, especially given the other rumors that have circled her and Doctor Who lately. Coleman's quote (via Indiewire) gives a boost to the pro-Jodie Whittaker camp and is perhaps a little braver than John Barrowman. Granted, Barrowman didn't say he was against the idea at all, but he did also throw in that the critics were right to be critical as no one truly knows how this new endeavor will play out. Let's hope Coleman's enthusiasm for Whittaker doesn't gain her the ire of any internet trolls who are none too happy that the new Doctor is a woman.

Jenna Coleman is as good an opinion as any to have in the Doctor Who universe since she was there for one of the show's biggest changes since its reboot. Much like there is a camp concerned about the series switching to a female doctor, there was also a concerned camp when the series announced Peter Capaldi to replace Matt Smith considering he's a good 25 years older than the actor playing the Doctor he would replace. There were definitely some differences in interacting with Matt Smith's Doctor and Capaldi's, but ultimately it all worked out and Coleman and Capaldi got along well enough that he even got a bit teary eyed when it was finally time for her to say goodbye.

Some might argue that keeping Clara on for that switch helped ease the change of an older Doctor playing lead again, which may be a problem for Doctor Who as it's been announced recent companion Bill Potts will not return for next season. With a new companion and a new Doctor with a new gender, it definitely sounds like a soft reboot of sorts for the series, which feels appropriate considering Chris Chibnall is stepping in as the new showrunner as well. Whether all this newness will be seen as a welcome change amongst the fans or an outright disaster remains to be seen.

Doctor Who lovers will get their first real taste of Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor when the series airs its Christmas special on December 25th on the BBC. Those who can't wait for that can occupy their time with loads of new shows found on both our summer premiere guide and our brand new fall premiere guide.

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