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The Silicon Valley Season 4 Moment That Mike Judge Can't Believe Happened

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Silicon Valley is a show where, presumably, anything goes. Fans have seen a horse copulate, a monkey masturbate, and heard enough phallic jokes to last a lifetime. Having said that, Mike Judge is super impressed by one particular moment from Season 4 that he still can't believe happened, and it's pretty awesome. Judge talks about that moment and the seemingly limitless boundaries of HBO below:

There's no sneaking anything past a network. You can kind of get away with anything on HBO. If anything, HBO wants you to be raunchier. We're not all that raunchy. I mean, sometimes we are. No horse sex or giant dick jokes this season. (Laughs.) But I can't believe we got away with getting all these tech companies to show up to our fake Hooli-Con. Almost all those companies at the tech convention were real companies that are successful and wealthy. And they all came and sat there for two or three days, set up all their stuff and got yelled at by assistant directors and were all very nice about it. It feels like we pulled off something with that.

While perhaps not a response that many would expect, it is really impressive that Mike Judge and the Silicon Valley team were able to pull enough legitimate tech companies together to host a fake convention of sorts. It's even more impressive that the series would go to that length to emulate the look and feel of an actual convention rather than simply work some Hollywood magic and pretend the con is filled out when, in reality, it isn't. While Judge tells THR he's surprised the tech companies were willing to sit through stage direction and a fake convention, surely few balked at the opportunity to appear on one of the hottest tech-based shows currently on television!

For Silicon Valley fans who may not remember the episode, "Hooli-Con" featured the crew, sans-Erlich Bachman, traveling to the Hooli convention in an effort to trick attendees into downloading their app by masking it as a wifi access point. The episode features Dinesh and Gilfoyle traveling around the con to place their access points and Richard attempting to perform a petty prank on the boyfriend of a woman he was seeing. With so many companies in attendance, one has to wonder if there was any infighting amongst them regarding which booths would sit in closest proximity to Pied Piper. Then again, it's tricky to say whether or not placing one's company booth right next to a fictional company with a rep like Pied Piper is a good or bad business strategy.

Silicon Valley has been confirmed for Season 5 in 2018, although it will be happening without T.J. Miller. Miller, who has been more than vocal about his departure from the show has finally spoken up about why he's been talking about it so much, and it actually makes sense. He also had a goofy response to a fan who was caught fondling himself during The Emoji Movie that's better than the reviews the film is getting. Be sure to read up on all of that, or travel on over to our fall premiere guide to see a great list of shows that can't be missed.

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