Anna Paquin's True Blood Boobs Showed Up During A Live TV News Report

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When the local news is reporting on something important, sometimes outlets will try to do something zany to stand out for audiences. Of course, sometimes the zaniness can happen while the on-air talent is completely unaware anything is amiss. Such a thing occurred on the BBC during a nightly news broadcast, as the anchor's report was complemented by Anna Paquin's boobs on full display in a sex scene from True Blood. Wait, what was that report about, again?

Ah yes, News at Ten anchor Sophie Raworth was talking about a cricket match when her words were suddenly overtaken by Anna Paquin's on-screen talents. Granted, we're talking about a computer or TV screen shown in the far background while the report was ongoing, but if you think size mattered in this situation -- I'm not apologizing there -- then think again, as the BBC got hit up by lots of viewers online wondering why someone was watching porn while a news show was being aired. Thankfully, it wasn't actually pornography, but rather one of True Blood's tender and topless moments between a human-fairy and a vampire.

Anna Paquin herself shared the video in question on Twitter, pointing out that it was her breasts getting watched by millions of people across the pond

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By going down, er, scrolling down to the replies on Anna Paquin's tweet, one can see a fun exchange between the actress, her husband and former co-star Stephen Moyer, and former co-star Robert Kazinsky. As it's pointed out by Paquin -- for those who didn't automatically recognize the scene in its blurry state on the video -- this scene actually came from the Season 6 episode "Don't You Feel Me," although she just refers to it as "fairy land graveyard sex with Warlow... duh!"

That scene was about as True Blood as True Blood got, with the antagonistic vampire Warlow having a graveyard romp with Sookie during a time where they were temporarily on the same page about him killing her parents and all that jazz. And they were on the same plot of Earth, too, when they were getting busy in the background of the BBC's nightly news. We should all be thankful that the HBO drama was all that was being watched, as things could have gotten much murkier.

While True Blood won't be around for another season at any point in the foreseeable future, Anna Paquin landed two big follow-up TV roles in the last year or so with the upcoming Netflix drama Alias Grace, as well as the Canadian thriller Bellevue, both of which look to be top-notch. (No word on how much graveyard sex either show will have, but we'll assume "none.") She also signed on for a part in the sci-fi anthology Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, which is heading to Amazon.

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