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South Park is gearing up for a super-massive marathon that, as is the tradition with most things in pop culture, The Simpsons did first. In a memorable moment, even the boys from the show have said it's unavoidable, considering The Simpsons has been on forever. Regardless of who can say firsties, fans shouldn't let that dissuade them from watching the huge event Comedy Central has planned ahead of Season 21. Here are the details surrounding this historic marathon, along with some other stuff the network is doing in celebration of South Park's return next month.

Beginning September 6th, South Park will taking over Comedy Central almost non-stop for eight days straight. Eight days! 254 episodes (127 hours) of the 277 total episodes will air in total in the week-plus leading up to the Season 21 premiere on September 13th. Almost all of the airings will essentially be back to back, although Comedy Central will take a break every day to air The Daily Show With Trevor Noah at its regularly scheduled time. It's not exactly the massive 600+ every-episode-ever marathon of The Simpsons, but it's equally as awesome.

The celebration of Season 21 doesn't stop there either as Comedy Central teases there will be a new and special South Park emoji available the day the marathon starts. The emoji will pop up when anyone takes to Twitter with these hashtags: #SouthPark, #NewSouthPark, #SouthParkPremiere, #SouthPark21, #Memberberries, or #Cartman. No visuals have been revealed yet, but it has been stated the emoji will also be active throughout the entire new season of the series. Hopefully, it's a Mr. Hankey to give that rowdy poop emoji a run for its money!

The South Park marathon will be a good measuring stick for fans of the classic series to see if Season 21 of South Park is as true of a return to form as creator Trey Parker has teased it will be. Neither Parker nor co-creator Matt Stone has been too quiet about the fact that they were worn out trying to keep up with the election last year, and it sounds as though fans should expect a change in style; if not completely, then at least from Season 20. Whether that means the series will opt out of trying to hit the current headlines in favor of more original story lines, or whether they'll just try to better balance those two ideas, remains to be seen.

As previously mentioned, the wall-to-wall South Park marathon is set to begin September 6th and run all the way up until the Season 21 premiere September 13th at 10:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. Get hyped for those eight days of awesome, mmkay, by reading about Matt Stone and Trey Parker's real problem with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or learn when fans will finally get to play South Park's new video game. For more information regarding the hot shows of this fall, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.