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Check Out NCIS: Los Angeles' New Boss In First Look At Season 9

Big changes are on the way for NCIS: Los Angeles when it returns for Season 9. A new boss is coming on the scene to mix things up for the agents, and they won't necessarily like everything she brings to table. Nia Long is on board as new executive assistant director Shay Mosely, and we have our first look at her in the field with a couple familiar faces. Take a look!

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Sam and Callen look snazzy in their suits, and Shay Mosely is looking lovely in this first look (courtesy of EW). Judging by what we know of her character, however, she might not be too lovely to the agents we've come to know and love. Showrunner R. Scott Gemmill has revealed that Mosely will take steps in the Season 9 premiere to try and send Deeks packing back to the LAPD, and that could definitely unbalance the status quo just as Sam is attempting to ease his way back into work after his terrible loss at the end of Season 8. Mosely may not get the warmest reception from the lead characters.

That said, Shay Mosely doesn't exactly sound like she'll be a villain in Season 9. She's joining the NCIS team in the wake of the loss of Assistant Director Granger (following the tragic death of actor Miguel Ferrer) to fill his shoes, and Hetty will reportedly be M.I.A. in the beginning of Season 9 as well. Mosely is stepping in to guide the team, and while we can bet that they'll chafe at the interference of an outsider, she may help them become more effective agents. After all, Callen and Co. weren't exactly the biggest fans of Granger's when he first debuted, and they came to care deeply for him.

Shay Mosely will certainly be qualified to serve with Callen and Co. as a former Secret Service agent who made the jump to the Navy to work for NCIS. Mosely is a Washington insider whose style and demeanor are unfamiliar to the looser West Coast agents. It sounds like she might fit better with more formal team on original recipe NCIS than the jeans-wearing agents of NCIS: Los Angeles. The contrast could be interesting as we head into the ninth season. The character was created specifically for Nia Long, so she should be fantastic in the role.

Unfortunately, we still have a while to wait before Nia Long makes her NCIS: Los Angeles debut. Season 9 doesn't premiere until Sunday, October 1 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS. For everything else that will debut on the small screen in the not-too-distant future, take a gander at our fall TV premiere schedule. If you're not quite up on all the shows that will be back, check out our rundowns of renewals and cancellations for cable/streaming and network TV.

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