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There's A Wild Rumor That Game Of Thrones' Lena Headey And Jerome Flynn Refuse To Appear In Scenes Together

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While the Game of Thrones cast tends to joke around a lot at each other's expense, it seems as though a bulk of them get along pretty well. Things apparently aren't as easygoing as they seem with two cast members, though, as a wild rumor has surfaced that two actors involved with the show are explicitly being kept apart and refuse to appear in scenes together. Here's what's being said about Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey, and how it might mean fans will never get to see an exchange between Cersei and Bronn.

This whole rumor dates back to a 2014 article in The Telegraph in which a Game of Thrones crew member said the staff was actively working to keep both Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey apart. The two had a brief relationship back in the early 2000's but had split up by the time the series began. At the time of the rumor's posting, it was said neither Flynn nor Headey could even stand to be in the same room as one another. The source was never identified, nor the rumor confirmed regarding the measures taken by staff in regards to the two actors, but fans are giving the old rumor new life following the events that took place in the finale.

Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the Season 7 finale, but, as Game of Thrones fans may or may not remember, Bronn was not present for the scene in which all the big characters met in the Dragon Pit. Instead, Jerome Flynn's character opted instead to take Pod for a drink and the two trotted off before Lena Headey's Cersei made her appearance. It was a cool moment for fans of Pod, but in the scope of all the events happening in Game of Thrones, it didn't make a ton of sense to some fans.

Game of Thrones fans have seen Bronn's value to Jaime Lannister as a second in command, so it doesn't really make sense that his character isn't present to witness the White Walkers he would've presumably been up against had Cersei not flipped the script. Even beyond that moment, it's incredibly odd that Bronn has been in such close proximity to Cersei's character for a bulk of the series, and still has yet to speak with her. Even though none of those facts change the reports of tension between Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey to anything more than a rumor, it is interesting to note. Of course, it could all be a coincidence and all these Game of Thrones rumor starters will look foolish when the two have an interaction at some point in Season 8.

In either case, there are more important things for GoT fans to discuss, like whether the internet should be pissed off at Samwell Tarly after the finale, or if Issac Hempstead Wright is trying to throw fans off the trail that he might be the Night King. Anyone fatigued with Game of Thrones arguments and just needing some good television can visit our fall premiere guide.

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