Season 6 of Game of Thrones has come to an end, and it'll be the better part of a year before we get to see any more of the characters in action. Plots that have been separate for a very long time are finally starting to converge. Dany is sailing for Westeros. Arya is back in the Riverlands. Jon is king in the North, Cersei is queen in the South, and White Walkers are getting ready to march down and destroy them all.

Basically, hiatus is going to be super rough as we have to wait until 2017 to see what happens next, and it's hard not to wish that we had another way to get a Game of Thrones fix even in the off-season. In honor of the off-season and due to the potential for HBO to sign on for an actual spinoff, here is a list of 10 Game of Thrones spinoffs we need ASAP.

Boy Meets Sword

Boy Meets Sword is the coming-of-age tale of young Podrick Payne as he grows from a nobody with a noble name to a novice squire to the right hand of formidable fighter Brienne of Tarth. He works hard, masters new skills, and learns the meaning of true loyalty all in pursuit of eventually becoming a knight. How far will Podrick go to realize his dream? Has he outgrown his role as squire? Does he armor his heart as securely as he armors Brienne? Will he leave the horses long enough to find true love?

As far as minor characters go, Podrick Payne has gotten a respectable amount of screentime. Still, there's more to the life of Pod than Game of Thrones will ever tell. Boy Meets Sword could be the perfect opportunity to showcase Pod and feature great cameos from bigger characters in the Thrones universe.

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