10 Game Of Thrones Spinoffs We Need ASAP

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Season 6 of Game of Thrones has come to an end, and it'll be the better part of a year before we get to see any more of the characters in action. Plots that have been separate for a very long time are finally starting to converge. Dany is sailing for Westeros. Arya is back in the Riverlands. Jon is king in the North, Cersei is queen in the South, and White Walkers are getting ready to march down and destroy them all.

Basically, hiatus is going to be super rough as we have to wait until 2017 to see what happens next, and it's hard not to wish that we had another way to get a Game of Thrones fix even in the off-season. In honor of the off-season and due to the potential for HBO to sign on for an actual spinoff, here is a list of 10 Game of Thrones spinoffs we need ASAP.

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Boy Meets Sword

Boy Meets Sword is the coming-of-age tale of young Podrick Payne as he grows from a nobody with a noble name to a novice squire to the right hand of formidable fighter Brienne of Tarth. He works hard, masters new skills, and learns the meaning of true loyalty all in pursuit of eventually becoming a knight. How far will Podrick go to realize his dream? Has he outgrown his role as squire? Does he armor his heart as securely as he armors Brienne? Will he leave the horses long enough to find true love?

As far as minor characters go, Podrick Payne has gotten a respectable amount of screentime. Still, there's more to the life of Pod than Game of Thrones will ever tell. Boy Meets Sword could be the perfect opportunity to showcase Pod and feature great cameos from bigger characters in the Thrones universe.

game of thrones nymeria


Nymeria is a modern retelling of the classic series Lassie, adapted for HBO and set in the fantasy world of Westeros. The show would pick up on the story of Arya Stark's beloved direwolf Nymeria after Arya had to banish her in Season 1. Poor Nymeria was sent away with rocks, but she soon finds a town in the Riverlands in need of protection. Thanks to the various armies during the War of the Five Kings, the marauders in the mayhem, and all the pesky Westerosi kids who fall into wells, Nymeria has been a busy wolf defending her new home.

Nymeria's struggles to help others often clash with her feelings of abandonment after being sent away from Arya. The wolf would naturally narrate her adventures in a gripping internal monologue that explains what happens to a young wolf when she is separated from her pack.

ned stark lyanna stark game of thrones

How I Met Your Father

The Season 6 finale answered one of the biggest questions of the series so far when it revealed that Lyanna Stark was the mother of everybody's favorite brooding Northern bastard. Bran's flashback showed a dying Lyanna passing Jon onto her brother Ned, but the scene was too brief to show the whole story of Lyanna's time in the Tower of Joy. Spinoff How I Met Your Father is a dramedy that would span the time between Jon's birth and Lyanna's death as Lyanna tells a tale to her infant son.

How I Met Your Father would be the perfect vehicle to show some of the most compelling stories of Game of Thrones history, ranging from the Tourney at Harrenhal to Rhaegar's death to Jaime earning the name "Kingslayer." There could be laughs as well as tears as Lyanna builds to a definitive reveal of who is the father of Jon Snow.

game of thrones jorah mormont

Tipping The 'Scale

Tipping The 'Scale is a high-stakes medical drama that follows Ser Jorah Mormont in his increasingly desperate attempts to find a cure for his greyscale. Jorah would push the boundaries of science to fulfill his promise to Daenerys Targaryen and return to her as a healthy man. It's an impossible quest, but Jorah has seen the impossible time and time again. Adults who are afflicted from greyscale either die or go mad; Jorah would be determined to do neither. If anybody can tip the scale on greyscale, a man on a mission for the woman he loves is a good bet.

Will Jorah succeed to reunite with Dany, or will he need to learn to accept his fate? Will he make new friends, or will he eschew attachment to avoid spreading the disease? Only Tipping The 'Scale could do justice to the story.

maggie the frog game of thrones

Ask Maggy!

Ask Maggy! is a supernatural anthology drama set in the lands around Casterly Rock. It'd follow the trials and tribulations of those unfortunate souls who visit the woods witch Maggy the Frog and asked her to tell their fortunes. Each season would focus on one person who asked for a look into the future, and each would demonstrate just why people are better off not knowing their futures.

Maggy the Frog appeared in Game of Thrones only once, but the entire series of Game of Thrones up to the Season 6 finale can be viewed as a backdoor pilot for Ask Maggy! Maggy told the young Cersei that her children would wear golden crowns and then be laid to rest beneath golden shrouds. With Tommen's death, Maggy's dark prophecy is fulfilled. The time is right for Ask Maggy! to hit the airwaves.

game of thrones children of the forest

Trees' Company

Season 6 of Game of Thrones did a lot to expand on the mythology of Westeros via Bran's weirwood flashbacks. The Children of the Forest were revealed to have created the White Walkers out of captives to try to gain an edge in the war against men. Unfortunately, Season 6 did not reveal more about how the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers or what role their carvings in weirwood trees may have played in protecting areas against the White Walkers to this day.

Trees' Company is a series that would examine what is still so special about weirwood trees as well as go in-depth on what happened with the Children against the men that was so terrible that the White Walkers were created. Bran Stark would host Trees' Company from his seat in front of a different weirwood heart tree each episode.

game of thrones walder frey

A Feast Of Crows

Winter has finally officially come to the Seven Kingdoms, and the looming cold coupled with the wars that spoiled harvests throughout the lands means that the peasants are going to be tightening their belts before spring comes. A Feast Of Crows would be a cooking show that educates viewers on special ways to survive the mean winters of Westeros on a budget without having their children baked into pies. Crows are not the the bird of choice for summer chomping, but they make for mean treats when all the other food sources have been exhausted.

A Feast Of Crows would be as educational as it is entertaining. Given that she just showed some serious cooking prowess with her Frey pie for old Walder, Arya could appear as a guest host every once in a while to give examples of creative meats beyond crow and Frey.

game of thrones gendry

Where In The World Is Gendry Of King's Landing?

Seasons 1 - 3 of Game of Thrones built the bastard Gendry up as a character with the potential to change the entire game. He was Robert Baratheon's son, Arya Stark's best pal/eye candy to ogle whenever she felt the stirrings of puberty, and a blacksmith with a heart of gold. Then, he was sold to Melisandre, rescued by Ser Davos, and shipped off into the night on a tiny boat to row for King's Landing. He hasn't been seen since.

Where In The World Is Gendry Of King's Landing? is an action adventure series chronicling the lost adventures of Gendry since he rowed out of the show in Season 3. He couldn't have been on the water this whole time, and he was inexperienced enough of a sailor that he could have ended up blown to Braavos by accident. The spinoff would finally reveal what Gendry's been up to.

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Songs Of Ice And Fire

The book series that inspired Game of Thrones is full of songs written specially by George R. R. Martin for the world of Westeros, and the show has incorporated songs like "Rains of Castamere," "The Bear and the Maiden Fair," and "The Dornishman's Wife." The Thrones spinoff Songs of Ice and Fire would feature characters going about their daily business - so, mostly being miserable, drunk, and/or murdered - while occasionally bursting into song.

"Rains of Castamere" and "Bear and the Maiden Fair" worked in Game of Thrones, but Songs of Ice and Fire would be the place for more frequent musical moments. It'd be a Game of Thrones take on Glee that could be awesome for readers and viewers alike. Ice and fire are preparing to clash, and the common folks should be allowed to sing their feelings about it.

game of thrones tyrion lannister

Drunk History: Westeros

Characters on Game of Thrones do a lot of drinking, and it can be both sad and entertaining to watch. Luckily, what's sad on Game of Thrones could be awesome on Drunk History: Westeros. How much more awesome would have been the story of the end of the Reyne house at Castamere if Cersei's drunken narration were acted out rather than told? How fun would it've been to witness Tyrion talking about the tales of the Targaryens while totally sloshed and backtracking? How incredibly perfect would it be to hear Jon recount his exploits North of the Wall with a few too many in him?

Drunk History has already become a hilarious series on Comedy Central by bringing in celebrities to act out the histories explained by drunken barhoppers; a Game of Thrones edition on HBO could be the amazing.

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