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Jon Snow in the crypts

In the blink of an eye, Game of Thrones' seventh season as come and gone. Season 7 was a game changer for the series, as the pacing was amped up to a ten in order to set up the ultimate conclusion next season. New character pairings occurred, epic actions sequences took our breath away, and long awaited reunions finally happened. And through all of these wild changes to the series, it looks like a new character has emerged as the series lead, at least according to overall screen time. While this title was previously held by Peter Dinklage's Tyrion Lannister, the character with the most screen time after Season 7 is none other than Jon Snow.

While fifth billed on Game of Thrones' iconic theme song, it looks like Kit Harrington has now spent more time on the small screen in Westeros than the rest of his co-stars. But considering the epic season that Jon had, this should come as a surprise to no one. After all, Tyrion's scenes were almost exclusively alongside Dany, and he didn't get a ton of action by himself.

Although Jon Snow's plot line in the earlier seasons was capsulated at The Wall and beyond among the Wildlings, he's now the thread holding many of the other character's together. Because Jon was the first person to truly see the Night King and army of the dead, and he knows how very real the threat of the long night is. In Season 7 he attempted to convince just about everyone, from the lord of the North, to Dany, to even Cersei and Jaime in King's Landing. As such, it makes sense that he's beat out Tyrion as the show's main character.

And in addition to Jon's scenes in both Winterfell and Dragonstone this season, the penultimate episode "North of the Wall" was extremely Jon-heavy. As he and his motley crew of warriors traveled to capture a wight, we saw Jon get into some serious action as well as more tender moments, like the one with Jorah Mormont. Tyrion was largely absent in that episode, which may have been the one to turn the tables.

Aside from Jon Snow, one would think that Daenerys might have been the other lead character. After all, it is a song of fire and ice. But Dany's isolation throughout the majority of the series kept her from ever getting optimal screen time. Instead, the likes of Tyrion and Cersei had previously edged her out of the competition. Dany currently sits at third place for screen time, according to one Redditor who compiled the airtime for each character. They are followed by Sansa, Cersei, and Arya respectively.

It'll be interesting to see which character gets the most screen time when Game of Thrones concludes its eighth season. We don't know when Season 8 will hit, but in the meantime you can check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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