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With an ensemble as big as the one on The Walking Dead, it's not rare for scenes to involve big groups of survivors, on top of the many walker extras in the background. But we all have our favorite character duos and trios, like Rick and Daryl, or (formerly) Glenn and Maggie, or (also formerly) Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. According to showrunner Scott Gimple, Season 8 will offer fans a selection of different groupings as the All Out War between Rick and Negan gets underway. In Gimple's words:

We'll see characters affect one another that we haven't seen affect one another before, or even just thrown together that we haven't seen thrown together. That's been really satisfying.

While we'll no doubt still see some of the usual couplings,such as Rick and Michonne, it sounds like Season 8 will throw everybody into a bingo cage to see which characters would end up on mini-missions and the like. After all, that big war will definitely see some characters sectioned off from the rest, possibly in troublesome situations and possibly in strategic situations. It's hard to say how close to the comics the show will stick. But in any case, fans can now have some fun over the next month coming up with idealized scenarios for who would be matched up with who.

We've seen Carol and Ezekiel together through Season 7, but what about having her return to glory involve tag-teaming with Jesus for an episode of badassery? Or maybe having Daryl and Jerry go out for a spell, which would either turn Daryl's normally grim face into something smile-filled, or it would make Jerry more dour about his everyday life. (Perhaps that idea is not in anyone's best interests.) And I don't know how interesting this would be in the least, but since we've already seen Negan put Carl through the motions, what about having the deadly villain give Enid a rough time in the Sanctuary or beyond?

The way Scott Gimple put it to TVLine, we likely won't even have to worry about these new pairings messing with who gets the most screentime on the show. In fact, he makes it sound like we'll see the opposite of the standalone episodes we got in Season 6 and Season 7. According to Gimple:

Because of the narrative that we're following, the story this season is really spread out among all of the characters. And the story shifts quite a bit in single episodes between lots of different characters on a consistent basis, which is a little more unusual for the show.

I love the sound of that, as it could easily be a more steady representation of the comic book's style of storytelling, which often jumps from one area to the next from page to page. It'll be fun to see if that change ramps up the intensity factor as well as the editing did for the first Season 8 trailer.

With Simon potentially spending more time with Michonne, or perhaps with Gregory and Morgan being pit together, The Walking Dead will make it s Season 8 premiere on AMC on Sunday, October 22, at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is hitting the small screen soon, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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