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Law & Order creator Dick Wolf has a new show on the way, and it's not coming to NBC. I know, right? Instead, Wolf will be traveling away from his longtime TV home for an unexpected network, CBS. Here's what we know regarding the switch-up, as well as some information on Wolf's tentatively titled new drama F.B.I., which officially received a first season order.

This will be the first time in 15 years Dick Wolf launches a drama series on a network other than NBC, and his new CBS series, F.B.I. is said to be a procedural drama that will give viewers a look inside the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. CBS is enlisting former executive producer of The Good Wife, Craig Turk, to write the pilot for the series, and Turk will also serve as the series' showrunner. In total, the opening season for the the series has been given a 13-episode order (pilot included) and is expected to air in the 2018-2019 season. Wolf will serve as an executive producer for the series, naturally.

While NBC might not necessarily be thrilled about their prized producer working with another network, it's not as though that network's execs can be that upset, considering he still has Law & Order: SVU and the Chicago franchise currently on the air there. Dick Wolf is also about to launch another new series with NBC, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders premiering next Tuesday, so it's not as though this collaboration with CBS is an indication he's on the outs with the network. With as many shows as he currently has running on NBC, one has to imagine they might have encouraged him to take the project elsewhere to prevent some over-saturation! Then again, when talking about a television legend like Dick Wolf, is there really such a thing as over-saturation?

While the number of successful shows both currently running and in syndication would appear to indicate the answer to that question is a firm "No," Dick Wolf did have the fourth installment to his Chicago franchise, Chicago Justice, canceled after just one season. The cancellation was kind of odd, considering the ratings and reviews weren't all that bad compared to other shows that only got one season, but NBC decided to pull the plug anyway. Perhaps that was in Wolf's mind when he jumped to CBS, as he'd originally been in conversations with NBC to bring F.B.I. to the network as a Law & Order: SVU spinoff.

Whatever the reason for the move may be, the tentatively titled F.B.I. is expected to air on CBS sometime next year, and it'll likely be watched by a bazillion people. As for other news about Dick Wolf, a San Francisco woman recently credited Law & Order in saving her life during an attempted mugging, so that's something. There's also some big news that broke yesterday about a familiar face from the franchise appearing in Law & Order: SVU soon, and fans will want to hear about that, for sure! For dates regarding all upcoming fall programming coming soon, visit our fall premiere guide.