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Some big changes are on the horizon for Star City, but one thing we know for certain is that the next season of Arrow will hit the post-explosion ground running with its particular brand of badass vigilante action. In fact, it now looks like some major drama is on the horizon for one of the Arrow-verse's burgeoning rivalries, as newly released photos from the Season 6 premiere promise to pit Black Siren and Black Canary (who both definitely survive the Lian Yu explosion) against one another almost immediately. Check out the photo below to see for yourself.

Black Siren Black Canary Arrow

Black Siren hasn't had much trouble getting in and out of Oliver Queen's lair since her arrival in Star City, and it looks like Season 6 of Arrow will be no different in that regard. In the above picture, we see Black Canary and Black Siren (both fully suited up) standing over the bodies of a group of henchmen and giving each other some sly smirks. A rivalry has been brewing between these two sonic-powered badasses for quite some time, and the nature of their smiles seems to indicate that they're both getting at least a little bit cocky in getting enjoyment out of these skirmishes.

The nature of this sequence seems to come into even clearer focus when realizing that Black Siren likely brought these henchmen along with her, meaning Black Canary would be responsible for their currently de-footed state. Take a look at another Season 6 picture to see how this sequence opens.

Black Siren Laurel Lance Arrow

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Of course, beyond the fact that Black Siren and Canary may fight each other in this sequence, there's another possibility that we feel compelled to consider: they may actually be secretly working together. Even though she served as an antagonist in Arrow last season, there have been subtle hints at a possible redemptive arc for Black Siren ever since she first appeared in the Arrow-verse during an episode of The Flash. With the henchmen unconscious on the ground (thus leaving no witnesses to their interaction) the smiles on the faces of these ass-kicking women could also indicate a hidden trust. After all, Team Arrow has utilized deep cover tactics like this before; it's not outside the realm of possibility to imagine that Oliver secretly recruited Siren at some point.

Arrow will return to The CW for Season 6 (hopefully providing definitive answers to these pressing questions) on Thursday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET -- following the premieres earlier that week for Supergirl Season 3, The Flash Season 4, and Legends of Tomorrow Season 3. Looking ahead to the rest of the highly-anticipated shows that are currently set to premiere this fall, take a look at CinemaBlend's comprehensive fall TV premiere guide!

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