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Andrea's bite in the Walking Dead comics

Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead comics.

It's October, which means only one thing for hardcore Walking Dead fans: a series premiere. AMC's massively popular apocalyptic drama is gearing up for its whopping eighth season on the network, as it continues to adapt and draw inspiration from Robert Kirkman's graphic novels of the same name. But the TV show also has made plenty of changes, one of the biggest of which was killing off Andrea back in Season 3. The character has a long life in the comics, and her recent death shocked the fans. Although now it looks like TWD will adapt her death with another character. Showrunner Scott Gimple recently revealed their plans to adapt the infamous comic scene, saying:

When I do read it, it's strangely compartmentalized from this. It's the same experience. So any sort of, 'What the hell?' Is just straight to do with the story, not at all how it relates to the show. I know the show will figure it out. I mean, with [Andrea getting bit], of course we'll tell it very differently because the character isn't with us, but I wasn't happy to see that neck bite.

It looks like no one is safe on The Walking Dead, as Andrea's shocking death will likely occur with another character on the show. Scott Gimple's comments to Comic Book are sure to strike fear into many Walking Dead fans, especially all those Rick and Michonne shippers.

In the comics, Andrea lives for many years, eventually marrying Rick and becoming a mother figure to Carl. In one of the most recent issues, she helps save Eugene's life when he's surrounded by walkers. But after they get to safety, she notices a small bite on her neck, responding with an appropriate "Oh, Shit". The virus eventually killed her, and Rick was forced to put down a reanimated Andrea after being unable to pull the trigger before she became a zombie.

Andrea's death was shocking because it came out of seemingly nowhere, and she had a few hours to slowly whither away and say her goodbyes. Now the question is, who is it going to be on the TV show?

The most obvious choice would be Michonne, who has largely filled in for the role of Andrea in The Walking Dead TV series. Michonne is probably in the top 3 most popular characters, so her sudden death would be a major heartbreak. Rick has already seen Lori and Jesse die, and Michonne might be the final straw in his sanity. But with characters like Eugene changing a bit from the comics, there's really no telling what direction the series will go. And even if the timeline is followed, we wouldn't have to worry about Michonne's death for years.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 on October 22nd. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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