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It's been 22 years since Michael Bay's Bad Boys exploded in theaters, and I can still hear Martin Lawrence saying "Mike Lowww-rey" as if it was just yesterday. But while Lawrence's Marcus Burnett isn't likely soon to return to the stalled-out Bad Boys universe, we might very well see the character's sister, Gabrielle Union's Sydney Barrett, making the big jump to television soon for a currently untitled spinoff of the hit films.

Gabrielle Union is set to head back to the role of Syd for the Bad Boys TV series, although it's unclear if she would still be working with the DEA, as she was in Bad Boys II, or if that will have changed. Producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Doug Belgrad will be working behind the scenes with the latter's 2.0 Entertainment and Primary Wave Entertainment. Sony Pictures TV Studios would be the studio, and though no networks have officially shown any interest, Deadline reports there is major interest from several different places, and a noteworthy deal is expected to be made at some point. This seems ripe for Showtime, FX or perhaps even Netflix.

The creative team behind the Bad Boys spinoff will be The Blacklist writers and producers Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier. They're pretty versed in the world of twisty crime-dramas with action flourishes, so that will match up nicely with the world of Bad Boys.

This is definitely good news for fans of Gabrielle Union, whose BET series Being Mary Jane was cancelled recently, though it'll be getting a TV movie finale in early 2018 to wrap up the story completely. Her management company, the aforementioned Primary Wave, was apparently who first started putting the project together in a shift toward TV development. And should the spinoff be anywhere nearly as action-packed as the films, audiences should be pumped to get a badass actress like Union leading things.

With lots of movies getting the TV treatment these days, either through spinoffs or outright remakes, it's not so surprising that Bad Boys would enter the fray, considering fans have been clamoring for a third movie to be produced ever since the smoke cleared around Bad Boys II in 2003. Jerry Bruckheimer only recently said that the long-awaited sequel still isn't out of contention yet, with a new writer being brought in to give it a go. Just don't look for Michael Bay to be involved, as he's not too interested.

While we'll likely be waiting a while to hear anything more concrete about where the Bad Boys spinoff will land, you can head to our fall TV premiere schedule to see all the other adaptations and more that will hit the small screen soon.

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