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With the frequent chatter that Sabrina The Teenage Witch might be getting a reboot, it's good to see Melissa Joan Hart's former sitcom still gets a lot of love in the present. The cast of the series has a reunion at Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con this past weekend, and Hart posted a photo with a bulk of the cast together on stage in front of adoring fans. Check it out!

As Melissa Joan Hart mentioned, there are a few faces missing from the bunch, but nonetheless, there are still a lot of people standing there who made Sabrina The Teenage Witch great. In addition to Hart, we can see Beth Broderick (Zelda), Nate Richert (Harvey), Elisa Donovan (Morgan), Alimi Ballard (Quizmaster Albert), David Lascher (Josh), Nick Bakay (Salem), Soleil Moon Frye (Roxie), and Caroline Rhea (Hilda). Considering the show has been off the air for over a decade now, everyone looks pretty good and ripe for a return! Bakay, of course, has the advantage of looking the best by default, considering he no longer looks like a cat puppet.

Whether or not they all look good enough for a reunion is a moot point though, as EW reported straight from Melissa Joan Hart's mouth they are obviously not affiliated with the upcoming Riverdale spinoff based on the character. The good news is that Hart believes the new series to be closer in style to Buffy The Vampire Slayer than the original television adaptation of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, so any fans of the new series will still have a reason to watch the first iteration without worrying about it feeling like a ripoff.

When the cast wasn't fielding questions regarding any new Sabrina adventures, they were snapping pics with fans. This photo below gives a bit better of a better look at the stars so that fans can see firsthand just how much everyone has changed (or stayed the same):

Once again, you gotta give it to Nick Bakay for really shaking off that cat look he was rocking through the show's run, but seriousy, everyone in the Sabrina The Teenage Witch panel is looking as happy as can be 14 years after the show's end. If the new Sabrina series is a complete flop, these guys are still plenty presenatable enough for a reunion show should they be called upon.

Those who saw these pictures and are now wishing to binge all of Sabrina The Teenage Witch can totally do so, as the series is now up for streaming on Hulu and CBS All Access. For more on the show, check out Melissa Joan Hart jumping back into the role a year ago on Instagram. For more on this current season of television, visit our fall premiere guide.

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