Wonder Woman's Connie Nielsen Is Reteaming With Chris Pine And Patty Jenkins For New TV Show

Hippolyta Connie Nielsen Wonder Woman

Connie Nielsen and Chris Pine made magic with Patty Jenkins in Wonder Woman earlier this year, and now they're looking to recapture that mojo on the small screen. The three will be teaming up yet again. Nielsen joins the cast of TNT's One Day She'll Darken as Corinna Hodel and adds her acting talent to help tell a very dramatic tale involving a real-life crime.

According to Deadline, Connie Nielsen's Corinna Hodel is not the central character in the limited series One Day She'll Darken, but she does play a key role. Described as a fading socialite beauty with a love for alcohol, Corinna sounds like she's had a rough life. Her family is broken, her fortune is gone, and it appears that's the least of her problems. She becomes a keeper of secrets while simultaneously blinding herself to other terrible things that are afoot.

Specifically, those other terrible things are the real-life horror that is the case of the Black Dahlia. George Hodel, who first caught the attention of LAPD when his secretary died of a drug overdose, was later accused of killing and grossly mutilating a 22-year-old girl by the name of Elizabeth Short. Hodel remained under suspicion by the police with more unsavory details popping up about him the longer he was investigated. With authorities continuing to close in on him, he fled America in 1950 and lived in Asia until 1990. After his death in 1999, his son Steve (who was a detective for the LAPD) uncovered additional information that he believed further connected his father to Short's death.

One Day She'll Harden picks up somewhere in the midst of all that and will have its pilot (and possibly more episodes) directed by Patty Jenkins. As previously mentioned, the limited series will also feature Chris Pine as disgraced military man Jay Singletary. Given Pine's character had his life ruined by George Hodel, and Connie Nielsen's Corinna shares a last name with the former Hollywood gynecologist, it's possible that the two will not spend much time on screen together. Then again, considering how weird the source material is, maybe there's a chance Jay will get a chance encounter with Corinna in an attempt to learn more information about George Hodel.

One Day She'll Harden is set to shoot with Connie Nielsen in tow sometime this fall, and while we do know that, we do not have a release date for the project at this time. That's okay in the short term, though, as our fall premiere guide still has a healthy list of programs that are worth checking out before the year's end. Unfortunately, not every show was lucky enough to get renewed in 2017, and those who haven't been keeping tabs can visit our cancellation guide to catch up. For a look ahead at shows that will be available in 2018, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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