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Daredevil Just Cast An Important New Character For Season 3

In the aftermath of The Defenders' finale, fans were left with all kinds of questions about where Matt Murdock ended up, and what his future will hold. Thankfully, Daredevil Season 3 recently went into production, and the Netflix drama has already gone public with its first new cast member: Hart of Dixie vet Wilson Bethel. The actor will apparently be playing a pretty important role in the new season, and we're pumped to see how it all shakes out.

I know I won't be surprising anyone here by saying Marvel and Netflix are keeping a tight lid on exactly who Wilson Bethel will be playing in Daredevil Season 3, though it appears keeping the character's name secret is more important than keeping the overall description under wraps. Bethel will reportedly play an FBI agent that takes on a central role in the feud between Daredevil and his Season 1 enemy Wilson Fisk. But is he going to be a by-the-books FBI agent, or will he be one of the myriad corrupt government officials that populate comic book dramas?

This new addition possibly ties into a Daredevil casting notice that was revealed a while back. The role being cast was an athletic, socially awkward and tempermental FBI agent that struggles to find ways to keep his inner darkness suppressed. That description had some fans thinking that Daredevil would be introducing the big villain Sin-Eater, whose alter ego Stanley Carter was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who experienced severely adverse effects to experimental drugs he was given during his tenure. Since S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't exactly a prominent fixture in Netflix's corner of the MCU, it's possible the character's background gig could get switched up to tackle a more grounded iteration of the villain. Or maybe Bethel is playing someone else entirely.

Even if Sin-Eater doesn't show up, it should be good news for Kingpin fans that Wilson Bethel has signed on for a series regular role in Daredevil Season 3, since it means we'll likely get to see Fisk for more than just the few scenes he appeared in during Season 2. We knew that Vincent D'Onofrio would be returning to reprise the villainous role, though it wasn't exactly clear how much we'd get to see of that reprisal. Hopefully he'll be completely free from prison and doing his dirty work from the shadows the next time we see him. And if the showrunners want to bring Jon Bernthal's Punisher back for a scene or two, that'd also be swell.

Making his big break with the HBO miniseries Generation Kill, Wilson Bethel has been a TV staple ever since, taking on a regular role with The Young and the Restless for a while before later landing a major gig as Wade on Hart of Dixie. In the years since, he's been in The Astronaut Wives Club, Blood & Oil and How to Get Away with Murder, among other shows, and this will be the actor's first time jumping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Expect him to make the most of it.

Daredevil Season 3 likely won't show up until mid-2018 at the earliest, so we'll likely find out a little more about Wilson Bethel's role before we see him in the premiere. But until that happens, check out some other comic book shows we're pumped about, and head to our fall TV premiere schedule and our 2018 midseason premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows on the way in the nearer future.

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