Elementary Season 6 Just Got Some Surprisingly Great News From CBS

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The start of 2017 was not a great one for Elementary, and with the show seemingly finding itself on the cancellation bubble for the first time in its five-season run, many wondered if CBS was attempting to say farewell to the series. The series was eventually renewed, although at a reduced episode count that hinted at CBS signaling the death knell for the beloved series. Today, that conversation changed as Elementary was surprisingly awarded eight more episodes for Season 6, bringing its total to 21, which is great news for the series.

The series extension is particularly great for all involved, since these eight additional episodes will elevate Season 6 to a full season order. Granted, that's still three episodes below the typical episode count for past Elementary seasons, but it certainly makes a Season 7 renewal feel more like a real possibility. The mystery show, which has seen its viewership fall at a consistent rate over the past few seasons, still performs moderately well in the ratings, but it's certainly not one of those mega-hit shows CBS loves to dote on in its promos. For that reason, it's curious why CBS decided to suddenly grant a full series order to a show supposedly premiering in the midseason, which is a rarely seen thing in television.

One factor could be that, while Elementary isn't a ratings giant for CBS, it does pull in a lot of money for the network in other ways. The crime drama, which is fully owned by CBS, pulled in $80 million in profits for the network last year through international dealings and SVOD deals with other networks. Perhaps the bigwigs at CBS got together and decided more episodes meant more money, and that having only 13 episodes could make everyone's holiday season that much better.

Another factor is that CBS is in a bit of a programming pickle, since the network cancelled its new series Wisdom Of The Crowd due to mediocre ratings coupled with star Jeremy Piven getting accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. Wisdom Of The Crowd isn't the only new CBS show that had some growing pains this fall season as many of its new series (minus the mega-popular Young Sheldon) have failed to reach that world-conquering status CBS likes its shows to attain. Me, Myself & I, for instance, was taken off the schedule to make room for Man with a Plan's second season. In situations like that, where early cancellations create potential schedule gaps, it's usually best to go with what you know, so it's only logical Elementary gets a full season rather than CBS just airing reruns or rolling the dice by premiering another new series early.

Elementary is set to return to CBS in 2018, although it has yet to receive an official premiere date and time. To keep tabs on when it will return, or to keep track of other shows coming in 2018, be sure to visit our midseason premiere guide. For a look at some shows that still have yet to premiere in 2017, visit our fall premiere guide. For shows that got dropped in 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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