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CBS Finally Made A Decision About Elementary's Future

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This has been one of the biggest times of the year for TV viewers, as networks have been in a mad tizzy trying to finalize primetime schedules for the fall, with cancellations and renewals being announced at a rapid clip. Through nearly all of it, CBS' dependable drama Elementary was all but ignored, with its non-guaranteed future hanging in the balances. Thankfully, on the same day the network dropped the ax on another of its series, Elementary was granted a Season 6 renewal. Rejoice, mystery-lovers!

Fans already wondered by Elementary wasn't among the plethora of series touched upon by CBS a couple of months ago during its annual renewal smorgasbord, and that wonder only increased as the weeks passed without any big sign of where things were headed for the Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu-starring drama. Considering CBS likes to laud all of its series that are stomping the competition ratings-wise, the abundant silence over Elementary didn't appear to be a good omen. But perhaps a better detective than me would have seen clues for a renewal somewhere.

Based in part on the stories of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary has been in a consistent ratings decline over the years, and its current episodes are bringing in only half of the viewers that tuned in during Season 1 and Season 2. And it currently "boasts" the distinction of being CBS' lowest-rated scripted series that's being tapped to return. That said, fans are still chanting the show's praises, which doesn't always happen after five years on the air, and Elementary's big success on an international front also played into CBS' decision to renew, according to TVLine.

Adding some arguable fuel to the cancellation fire was the fact that Lucy Liu signed up for a new TV gig in Hulu's hilarious comedy Difficult People. Granted, it's only a guest spot, but shows have fallen apart under less stressful circumstances, so let's all give a sigh of relief that CBS still has faith in Elementary's chances to gain back viewers. Not so much the case with The Great Indoors, though, which got its plug pulled, despite having far better numbers than Elementary earlier this season.

So remember, Elementary fans, if you really want to keep this show on the air until Season 7, watch it every time it airs, repeats or not, and make your friends and family watch as well. It airs Sunday nights on CBS at 10:00 p.m. ET, with the season finale coming on May 21. To see how everything else is doing on network TV, check out our big cancellation/renewal rundown, and then head to our summer TV schedule to see when all the new and returning shows are premiering in the near future.

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