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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the midseason premiere of This Is Us. Read at your own risk!

This Is Us' midseason premiere was one of the series' most explosive episodes to date as The Big Three and Rebecca went to therapy with Kevin to address some issues. The scene was a lot more painful and awkward than fans are used to, but with that unease came lots of revelations about the Pearson clan. This Is Us answered some big questions about The Big Three tonight, and while there's a lot to unpack in this episode in general, these reveals felt really important:

Kate Pearson Chrissy Metz This Is Us NBC

What Kate's Eating Addiction May Be Tied To

Kate was relatively quiet during the big therapy session, but her words afterward proved that she was definitely paying attention. When the siblings all met and made good with each other after the big blowup, Kate revealed that she thinks her struggle with food might be tied to Jack in some way. The reveal came in the same episode where This Is Us fans saw Jack take Kate to an ice cream shop to apologize for tricking her into being more active, which may be a hint that Kate is onto something.

Remember earlier in Season 2 when Kate was the one saying Kevin needed to address some of his unspoken feelings about their father Jack? Now, it appears Kate may need to address some issues of her own now that she's realized her big struggle with weight and eating might just be a coping mechanism she latched onto after Jack's passing. Kate came clean to Toby at the end of the episode about bingeing meals in the time following her miscarriage. Hopefully that is the first of many positive changes that could happen with Kate going forward in This Is Us.

Randall Pearson Sterling K. Brown This Is Us NBC

What Randall Thinks About Kevin's Behavior

A big theme of This Is Us' midseason premiere revolved around perspective, and Randall served up his perspective on Kevin's stint in rehab. To Randall, Kevin's time in rehab wasn't about getting well or the lack of hugs he received growing up. Instead, it was about attention. Randall accused his brother of witnessing both his and Kate's struggles and trying to find a way to make it about himself, which really seemed to hurt Kevin.

This Is Us fans already know Kevin's addiction was rooted in a leg injury he suffered while finishing up his movie, but this wasn't about the truth. Randall's perspective showed that while the two shared a tender moment back in Season 1, the tension between the two that's been there since they were children is far from gone. While the two brothers made up in the end, one has to wonder if the things they said about each other won't resurface in a later episode.

Kevin Pearson Justin Hartley This Is Us NBC

Where Kevin Thinks He Falls In The Family

Kevin Pearson may be the actor adored by many, but in his family, he's always felt like the fifth wheel. Kevin's perspective wasn't received well by the Pearson clan, who responded by rebuking him for even suggesting that. Despite his family's initial denial, Kevin continually pushed things until he finally got Rebecca to admit it was easier to love Randall than him, which hands down has to be the darkest line This Is Us has delivered to date.

Regardless of whether Kevin's statement is true, his feelings remain the same. Rebecca and Kevin's argument isn't the kind of thing that's soon forgotten, so don't expect the two to instantly put it all behind them going forward. The good news is that now that the family is aware Kevin feels that way, perhaps more of an effort will be made on everyone's part to consider his feelings more.

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