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Apple TV+ Subscription: The Plan, The Price And What’s Included

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In November 2019, Apple TV+ arrived on the scene and offered streaming enthusiasts (and recent iPhone buyers) a new, fresh platform to watch an abundance of original movies, shows, documentaries, and specials. In the two years since its launch, the service has only gotten bigger and better with Apple TV+ shows like Ted Lasso and movies like the Academy Award-nominated Wolfwalkers.

But still, not everyone has an Apple TV+ subscription for one reason or another, possibly because they don’t know what the service is about. If you fall into that camp, fear not, as we have put together a quick rundown of Apple TV+ and everything that comes with the up-and-coming streaming service.

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The Apple TV+ Subscription Plan And Price

When compared to most streaming services, Apple TV+ offers a rather simple subscription model in that it has one price to enjoy all the content. For a whopping $4.99 per month, you can watch all those original movies and shows and take advantage of one of the best deals in the world of streaming. All new subscribers get a free seven-day trial before being billed, which is great for anyone wanting to give the platform a spin, and maybe give Ted Lasso a try. 

You can also bundle your Apple TV+ subscription with a service called Apple One, which allows you to pick up to five Apple services into a single plan starting at $14.95 per month. With this you can choose from Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple News+, and Apple Fitness+.

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You Can Get Three Free Months Of Apple TV+ With The Purchase Of An Eligible Apple Device

If you've recently purchased an eligible Apple device, or you're planning to in the near future, you may be eligible for three months of free Apple TV+. All you have to do is go to the Apple TV app on your new device within three months of purchasing it and follow the prompts. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying all the great offerings of Apple TV+ without spending an extra dime.

Check out all the details about three months of free Apple TV+.

Also, anyone who has been lucky enough to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 (which is still nearly impossible to purchase a year post-launch) has a free six-month Apple TV+ subscription waiting to be used. I personally didn’t know about this until I downloaded the Apple TV+ app on my PS5 and was met by a prompt with all the details.

Check out all the details about six months of free Apple TV+ on PlayStation 5.

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Apple TV+ Is Building A Library Of Great Original Movies And Shows

Ever since its launch, Apple TV+ has been the home to some of the best original shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and See, as well as great movies like Cherry, On the Rocks, The Banker and more. Hell, Apple TV+ was even home to one of the best documentaries of 2020 with its phenomenal Beastie Boys Story. But the list of the best Apple TV+ movies continues to grow and become diverse with each passing month, and the platform will soon be home to some of the most touted films of 2021, including The Tragedy of Macbeth, which will call the streaming service home starting in January 2022.

With streaming becoming more and more prominent in today’s climate, expect to see this list of great offerings continue to grow as time goes by.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Apple TV+ Is Also The Streaming Home Of Charlie Brown

In October 2020, Apple TV+ drew the ire of thousands of parents after it was announced that the streaming service would be the only place you could watch the various Peanuts holiday specials like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. And while the special did in fact end up being broadcast on TV, the platform remains the streaming home of most of those beloved Charlie Brown classics.

In addition to giving you access to classic holiday specials like It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown, the streaming service is also the home of all the new programs like The Snoopy Show, Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10, and the 2021 documentary Who Are You, Charlie Brown?. And while some of the other Charlie Brown movies are on services like Paramount+ and Disney+, you will have to turn to Apple TV+ to see the latest Peanuts adventures.

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Apple TV+ Supported Devices

Now that you know what you can watch on Apple TV+, you are probably wondering where you can check out those movies, shows, and documentaries. For starters, you can access the platform on any apple phone, tablet with the latest version of iOS, Mac computers, and Apple TV 3rd generation and newer. Many smart TVs will allow you to watch Apple TV+ as well as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android and Google streaming boxes. The service is also available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (remember the free six-month trial mentioned earlier), as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Check out the full list of of Apple TV+ supported devices.

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You Can Access Your iTunes Movie Purchases And Rentals Through The Apple TV+ App

Another really cool thing about the Apple TV+ app is the fact that it is connected to your iTunes account, meaning you can access all of your purchased titles in the same place. You can also purchase new movies and rentals through the app, which makes it incredibly easy to bounce between the various functions. And yeah, this is more to do with the app, as opposed to the streaming service, but it is still something that you should know about the service if you're considering signing up. 

Hopefully all of this helps you decide if an Apple TV+ subscription is worth adding to your collection of streaming services. 

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