The Good Place Totally Predicted The Jacksonville Jaguars Choking

The Jacksonville Jaguars narrowly missed their first-ever opportunity to play in the Super Bowl after a fourth-quarter rally from the New England Patriots eliminated their chance of going to the big game. While the Jags blew their chance at greatness, they simultaneously made NBC's afterlife-based comedy The Good Place prophetic as the series called the team's choking near the start of Season 2. Watch Ted Danson's seemingly psychic Michael reveal to a disappointed and deceased Jaguars fan Jason Mendoza that the 2017-2018 season (or any season) just wasn't the Jaguars' year:

That's a clip that's bound to sting any Jacksonville Jaguars fans still recovering from Sunday's disappointing game. Admittedly, The Good Place looked to be wrong about the Super Bowl for a while as the Jaguars had a 10-point lead early into the game's final quarter. Unfortunately, a late-game rally led by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and some solid defense closed the lead and ultimately sent the Jaguars packing while the Patriots will make their tenth Super Bowl appearance soon. If only Jacksonville's quarterback Blake Bortles had spent less time watching game film that week and had instead watched the latest episode of The Good Place, he might have had a molotov cocktail on hand to really turn things around!

For those Jacksonville Jaguars fans currently scratching their heads, that's a joke from The Good Place's Jason, who really loves to mention the Florida team. Both seasons of the show are filled with jokes about the franchise which all stem from the fact that Jason works them into nearly every conversation he has. It became such a popular joke with fans that the series' social media account began to follow and comment on the Jaguars current season and even sent Jason actor Manny Jacinto to their wildcard game against the Buffalo Bills:

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So before any Jacksonville Jaguars fans start slinging hateful tweets towards the staff of The Good Place, they should remember this is one of the few television shows that mentions and supports the team, period! Heck, there are even a healthy amount of fans of the show who thought Blake Bortles was a fictional person until the team had their latest stand out season. With any luck, the franchise may gain some fans thanks to the show's near-constant mentions, and there's always next season for the team to prove the series wrong.

The Good Place is all-new on Thursday, January 25 at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC. Anyone who hasn't seen the serialized show yet should definitely watch from the beginning first to avoid some major spoilers. To do so, head over to Netflix and binge Season 1. Those who have already done that should keep an eye out for great television in 2018 because there are some truly exciting sounding shows coming down the pipeline. Stay up to date on the latest and greatest by visiting our midseason premiere guide, and never miss out on a great show again!

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