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Legion Season 2 Trailer Is Trippy, Beautiful And Features Snazzy Dance Moves

FX's Legion is one of Marvel's trippiest shows to date and anyone who doubts that needs to watch this trailer for Season 2. Fans who thought Season 1 was out there will be speechless at the full-length trailer for the new season, which features beautiful visuals, snazzy dance numbers and far more questions than answers. Take a look:

David Haller apparently found his way out of that weird sphere he got sucked up into in the Legion Season 1 finale, but what happened between then and where the story picks up? Why is there a dense tree-line on top of a towering skyscraper? Why does Jemaine Clement look so damn cool while busting out those dance moves? Most of those answers will likely be answered when Season 2 gets underway, but until then, fans shouldn't expect to pull much information from this trailer.

While there aren't a ton of plot details to be gained from the Legion trailer, there are some important things that fans may have missed or forgotten about between all the craziness of this trailer and last season. For example, it sounds like Clark and Division 3 made good on their promise to unite with the Summerland mutants in the fight against the Shadow King. As for Amahl Farouk, he's still seemingly occupying the body of Oliver (Jemaine Clement) as he can be seen holding hands with Aubrey Plaza's Lenny/Farouk inside his mind. Legion fans also got a look at Navid Negahban as the new Farouk, whom many initially expected to replace Plaza once the Shadow King's true form was revealed. The news that Plaza will remain in the series despite her cover being blown is likely welcome news to many as her performance was one of the best parts of Season 1.

David and the gang's fight against the Shadow King will be the driving story of Season 2 as Syd revealed the mutant is infecting people with some strange teeth-chattering illness. Hopefully, the infection is not fatal as Ptonomy is shown in the trailer very clearly affected by what's going on. Losing the only mutant that can travel inside of David's mind would be a problem, although one would assume the Summerland team won't just sit by idly and let Ptonomy go down without trying to rescue him. Unfortunately, it looks as though the team will have to work without their fearless leader Melanie, as her disheveled appearance on the couch appears to indicate she's not the calm and in-charge fearless leader Legion showed in Season 1.

Legion Season 2 kicks off on FX Tuesday, April 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET. For more information on other upcoming shows set to air in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide and see what's happening. For a look at when some other superhero shows are set to premiere in the near future, visit our superhero premiere guide.

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