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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Arrow episode "The Thanatos Guild." Read at your own risk!

Arrow's Season 6 episode "The Thanatos Guild" was a pretty big shock to fans, as the series said goodbye to Thea Queen when she left Star City on a long mission with Nyssa Al-Ghul and Roy. In reality, Willa Holland has been moving towards an exit from Arrow for a long time, and while there's a chance she returns, it's not looking likely. While Holland's exit was disappointing to the show's cast and crew, there appears to be no ill-will towards her leaving Arrow. This includes star Stephen Amell, who recently shared his thoughts on Holland's decision:

Quite frankly, the most important thing when you're doing a show like this and you're doing 23 episodes [per season] and you're working long, hard hours, you need to make sure that everyone that's here wants to be here. Willa was nothing short of professional and excellent [in recent years], and always delivered tremendous performances. But I know that she wanted to move on with her career. And I totally respect that. And I'm glad that she's going to get that opportunity.

Like the good television big-brother he is, Stephen Amell had nothing but support for Willa Holland's decision. Amell seems to understand that while a 23-episode season might be fun for the actors who enjoy it, it can be misery for someone looking for an out from the series. Amell followed by saying that Holland was nothing but professional in her run as Thea, even including her last couple of seasons when she expressed her desire for a reduced role in the series as she waited out the clock to her contract's end. Amell expressed his gratefulness that Holland got what she wanted, and that she'll get a chance to break out of the Arrow-verse into another role very soon.

Stephen Amell may be happy for Willa Holland, but that doesn't mean he's not going to miss the dynamic they shared on Arrow. Amell told TVLine he particularly enjoyed their goodbye, which featured a callback to when the two first reunited in Season 1 of the series. Amell also added that while it was sad Holland was leaving, her exit did provide an opportunity to bring back another character fans love, who isn't seen nearly as often on Arrow anymore as he was starting out:

It was a good opportunity for us to bring Colton Haynes back [as Roy], and that was exciting.

Arrow will ramble on without Willa Holland on The CW Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. For a look at new superhero shows soon to premiere on television, check out our superhero premiere guide. Those looking for a more general glimpse of what new shows are premiering on television in the near future can find out via our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide.