The Unexpected Arrow Character Stephen Amell Wanted As Vigilante

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Warning! The following contains spoilers regarding the most recent episode of Arrow. Read at your own risk!

Last night's Arrow finally revealed the identity of Vigilante, and it wasn't someone many were expecting. The surprise was upsetting to some fans, as well as main man Stephen Amell, who says he was gunning for Oliver's old flame McKenna Hall to be there under the ski mask. Although he's surely on board with the show's decision in general, Amell shared his thoughts in the quote below:

I was upset that it wasn't McKenna [Hall]. I always thought that it was a really cool fan theory.

The Arrow star shared the news with TVLine and noted the idea that Mckenna was Vigilante was a fan theory some fans of the show had latched onto. While McKenna Hall is not a character Arrow has featured since Season 1, her episode count is above that of character Dinah Drake's ex Vincent Sobel, at least once all Vigilante appearances are removed from the equation. While the Hall reveal wouldn't have incorporated Drake in any way, it might have been an interesting storyline for Oliver, should his former lover have returned to Star City presumably for revenge.

For Arrow fans with a fuzzy memory, Mckenna Hall exited Arrow after a bullet from Huntress' shotgun left her temporarily paralyzed. Still unaware that Oliver was the Hood (whom she was pursuing, which led to the injury), Hall left town to live with her sister and undergo physical therapy. Hall had actually learned from Huntress earlier in that episode that Oliver Queen was the Hood, but she and Quentin Lance didn't believe the confession. Supposedly, the idea would be that Hall put the pieces together in her time away, and she'd have returned to exact revenge on Oliver for deceiving her and causing pain in her life.

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The theory grew some legs when it was revealed the actress who plays Mckenna Hall (Janina Gavankar) was playing the lead role in the upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which also featured Paul "Quentin Lance" Blackthorne. So the wheels began to turn that perhaps someone had reached out on behalf of Arrow to secretly bring her back into the fold. Alas, it was all just imaginations running wild, although Arrow did decide to go the ex-lover route by bringing Vincent Sobel into the mix.

As to how Vincent Sobel's run as Vigilante plays out, that's anyone's guess, since fan theories putting him behind the ski goggles were slim at best. Arrow is all new November 17th at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. While it doesn't appear McKenna Hall is returning to Arrow, we do know one actress who certainly is. For more on upcoming fall programming be sure to visit our fall premiere guide, or for a list of shows that bit the dust in 2017, check out our cancellation list.

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