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Spoilers ahead for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3.

While shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones have guaranteed renewals and millions of viewers, not all primetime TV is quite as lucky. Many shows struggle to find a mainstream audience, with critical response and potential awards giving them the push they need to get another season ordered. Case in point: The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The hilarious and ambitious musical comedy has developed a niche following, but has struggled to get any serious numbers for the network. Season 3 recently concluded and took a decidedly darker turn, and now it looks like a fourth season is coming. But is it also going to be the last one? Series lead and creator Rachel Bloom recently teased just that with a cryptic Twitter post. Check it out.

If this tweet is to be believed, then Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will have a final musical number with its Season 4 finale, ending the story about the motley crew of characters from West Covina. But there's just one twist: The CW hasn't actually confirmed either of these announcements. So is Rachel Bloom going full Rebecca Bunch and makings up?

The network's lack of confirmation for Rachel Bloom's announcement certainly seems suspect, as it would no doubt get plenty of press if Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended with its fourth and final season. Season 3 ended on yet another crazy cliffhanger, so the show's fans are no doubt hoping to see more episodes. Four seasons on a network is certainly a major accomplishment, and might be best to keep the show from getting stale or tired.

Speculation about whether or not Rachel Bloom's tweet is legit is no doubt due to the recent April Fool's Day. April 1st is a rough day in the world of TV and film, as fake castings and other announcements often make the rounds online, before being debunked by the power that be. But Bloom's post is actually from April 2nd, so it wouldn't exactly be an effective joke.

Rebecca in the Season 3 finale

Regardless of whether or not Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ends with its fourth season, a renewal is definitely needed. Season 3's surprisingly emotional finale saw Rebecca finally take responsibility for her actions in front of both Paula and a Court of Law. It's unclear exactly how the judge will ultimately sentence the show's protagonist, and what fate will befall the musically inclined lawyer. But smart money says there's some sort of Orange is the New Black spoof if she ultimately spends any time behind bars.

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