The One Regret Jersey Shore's The Situation Has About The Original Run

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is now on MTV, and while some things haven't changed with the show's cast, a lot of other stuff has. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has been sober for a long time now, and for all intents and purposes, he seems to be a radically different guy than he was during Jersey Shore's original. Sorrentino recently said he still has no regrets about his past actions on the show, save one incredibly stupid moment:

I always like to say that I have no regrets, but in Italy -- somehow, someway -- I made a huge miscalculation and I headbutted the wall. It just wasn't a good decision. I would never recommend doing anything like that ever again.

The Situation is referring to that iconic Jersey Shore scene that happened in Season 4 when the gang was in Italy. The whole event started when Ronnie trashed Situation's room for meddling in his failing relationship with Sammi Sweetheart. Things quickly escalated into a shouting match between the two, and The Situation worked himself into such a spell that he ended up slamming his own head into the wall and knocking himself out momentarily. Sorrentino made a lot of questionable decisions during his primetime run on Jersey Shore, but we'd agree that this one was just ridiculously pointless.

Fans have long wondered exactly what led to The Situation making that terrible choice, although some have speculated he may have wanted to avoid a physical fight with the much bigger Ortiz-Magro, and all the intoxicants couldn't have helped. Cast member Pauly D jokingly said he believed Sorrentino tried to commit suicide because he was sick of Ronnie and Sam's drama.

If Mike Sorrentino was hoping to avoid a fight altogether, he didn't exactly get his wish, as Ronnie Ortiz-Magro went after his housemate once again the minute The Situation was back on his feet. No punches were actually thrown, but Sorrentino did suffer from a concussion and neck sprain as a result of ramming his own head into the wall. Sorrentino was carried out of the house on a stretcher, and Jersey Shore made headlines once more with the headbutt heard round the world:

Mike Sorrentino told ET that moment was his one regret from the original series, but he revealed on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation that he had a few other lingering issues. Sorrentino apologized to Snooki and JWoww for the drama he started with them in the past, and both Jersey Shore girls forgave The Situation for his past transgressions. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, on the other hand, was not so forgiving. Ortiz-Magro acknowledged Sorrentino's path to sobriety and said he respected him for the work he's done to get clean, but apparently some of those memories were a bit too fresh for him to forgive The Situation for at this point. Tensions eventually dissolved, but one has to wonder if both of these guys are working their way towards another showdown on the revival series.

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