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The newest episode, titled "Password," of NBC's drama Taken will show the team trying to track down a bombing suspect, and we've got an exclusive clip that shows them getting a mighty big surprise as they're on the hunt for him. Take a look:

Well, that's not good. While it was pretty easy for authorities to track down the bombing suspect, Vik (Vinny Chhibber), Bryan, Christina and Santana get some surprising news before Bryan heads in to get their man. Apparently, while looking into the suspect's social media profiles and other records, Kilroy has been able to figure out that everything that points to Vik being the bomber has actually been fabricated after his identity was...taken, so that he could be set up to take the fall for a crime that did some serious damage.

Luckily for Vik, Kilroy was able to tell his information had been faked before the authorities were able to get to him. Obviously, this means that the team will now be forced to figure out who the real bomber is, while also protecting Vik from being captured by the Feds or the cops, who will probably have a hard time believing that the evidence against him was faked. Bryan and his cohorts also need to look for whoever is now trying to kill Vik, since that will lead them to the real bomber, while also being responsible for locating the hacker who was able to so realistically alter Vik's information so that he looked like the best suspect in the bombing. Man, I know Vik is probably glad he survived the bombing, but with the mountain of problems stacking up before him, it will be a while before he can really enjoy living through that harrowing experience.

As we know, though, Vik has the perfect man on his side to help him get out of this seemingly impossible situation alive: Bryan Mills. The man with a particular set of skills is often at his best when getting himself and others out of insane situations, dealing with ridiculously dangerous people and surviving tight spots. When the team sees two heavily armed men who clearly aren't cops cutting under the police tape to head inside the building, Bryan knows what's up and goes off to do everything in his power to keep Vik from the mercy of those who would see him dead so that he can't profess his innocence.

It's hard not to root for someone who's been framed for a terrible crime, so here's hoping that Bryan and his team can get all the information they need to keep Vik from going to prison for the rest of his life, and that Bryan can take out anyone who gets in his way while he tries to keep Vik safe. You can see how things turn out when Taken airs Friday on NBC at 9 p.m. EST. For more on what you can catch on the small screen in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide.