Zombie TV fans are getting ready for one hell of a weekend, with The Walking Dead bidding farewell to Season 8 with a pulse-pounding finale, which is set to be followed by the groundbreaking Season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. As most know, this will be the first time the two shows will share character DNA, with Lennie James' Morgan taking a big trip down south. But what you might not know yet is that Fear the Walking Dead, which is following its stellar Mexico-set third outing, is an even bigger thrill in Season 4, which even manages to eclipse The Walking Dead proper where the fun factor is concerned.

Without getting into spoilers -- because where would be the fun in that? -- we're going over the three big ways Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 already feels like a bigger blast than The Walking Dead has in recent seasons. Which isn't to say that the overall quality is way better or anything, because that's a separate conversation. Here, it's all about having a good time. So let's get started with the most obvious point.

It's A Crossover!

Don't get me wrong, not all TV crossovers are worth the trouble, but the game was exponentially upped in recent years with Dick Wolf's NBC franchises and The CW's Arrow-verse series. Thankfully, Fear the Walking Dead makes the most out of its crossover status early on, introducing Morgan Jones in a way that heavily calls back to The Walking Dead universe proper, while also working to distance him from it. Considering Morgan is one of the most mentally troubled survivors in this universe, his involvement in a new setting might not read as "fun" necessarily, but it makes for some very interesting moments when it's not his old compadres trying to bond with him, but complete strangers who have no idea what he's really like. (Talk about uncomfortable first impressions.)

After years of speculating how these two shows could collide, the crossover is finally here, and unless some rather drastic situations go down during the rest of the season, we could very well see more in the future. (Possibly with Georgie and other new faces.) So not only is Morgan's introduction a good time, but its existence allows for a ton of follow-up conversations about where the franchise's intermingling might go next.

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