John Diggle Is Getting An Arrow-verse Crossover Soon, Here's What David Ramsey Told Us

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Team Arrow has gone through a lot of ups and downs in Arrow Season 6 as various members discovered they can no longer work together. John Diggle left Team Arrow behind after he and Oliver talked (and fought) out their differences, and he's now moving on to a new stage in his life. Fortunately, leaving Team Arrow doesn't mean John Diggle will be gone from the Arrow-verse. He has a new arc of his own on Arrow and will soon cross over to another of the shows. David Ramsey, who has played Diggle for the past six seasons, spoke with CinemaBlend about his upcoming crossover as well as just how rare and remarkable the Arrow-verse phenomenon has become:

I'm doing a cameo on a bit of a small crossover. John Diggle will be on Flash in the next few weeks. When I was over there, one of the A.D.s said, 'How you doing?' And I said, 'Well, I'm doing great. I'm on a hit TV show crossing over on another hit TV show, and I'm just enjoying [the Arrow-verse] because it will never ever happen again.'

Arrow-verse fans can look forward to seeing David Ramsey as John Diggle on The Flash in the not-too-distant future. Ramsey also revealed that he'll drop by Arrow's sister show in his new capacity as an A.R.G.U.S. agent. Digg turned to A.R.G.U.S. after leaving Team Arrow, and he'll work with wife Lyla at the government agency for at least the foreseeable future. This won't be the first time Diggle travels to The Flash on A.R.G.U.S. business, as he joined Lyla for a trip to Central City back in Season 2 of The Flash to help Barry Allen and Co. deal with King Shark.

We can't say just yet what will bring Diggle to The Flash or how much of a role he'll have in the episode, but it should be fun to see him on another show. That said, The Flash has been pretty serious in Season 4, and one character on Team Flash just got a whole lot more dangerous. Diggle may not be around for something as straightforward as sharky shenanigans this time around.

Now, Arrow fans who are concerned about David Ramsey's comment that something like a cameo crossover "will never happen again" don't need to worry that something bad will happen to Diggle sooner rather than later. Rather, he was reflecting on how truly remarkable the Arrow-verse has become over the years. Who could have guessed when Arrow debuted back in 2012 that it would ultimately spawn a small empire of superhero series for The CW? Without Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow never would have happened, and The CW may not have seemed like a perfect fit for Supergirl if the other superhero shows weren't already airing successfully. Even Black Lightning may have Arrow's superhero success to thank for making it onto the airwaves, although Black Lightning isn't currently in the Arrow-verse. Arrow was proof that a new kind of superhero show could work on primetime.

When I asked David Ramsey if he enjoyed being a major part of the show that started it all, he said this:

I kind of hold that in some esteem when I go to the other shows. 'Look at you youngsters thinking you know what you're doing.' It's fun, and again, you just enjoy it while it's here because this is rare, rare territory that we're in. And I can't imagine it ever happening again. I'm just enjoying it.

It has taken six years for the Arrow-verse (and Supergirl over on Earth-38) to reach its current state, and David Ramsey may well be correct that nothing like this will ever make it to network television again. Sure, Marvel is growing a nice little pocket of superheroes on Netflix, but the Arrow-verse spans different universes, Arrow alone has run for more than 100 episodes, and the whole Arrow-verse lineup scored renewals for the 2018-2019 TV season. Arrow is even bringing back a familiar face as a regular! There's plenty of superhero action on The CW to come.

We can't say at this point when exactly David Ramsey will cross over to The Flash for his cameo, but you can find him in new episodes of Arrow on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Our breakdown of superhero TV dates can help you narrow down more small screen superhero options, and our midseason and summer premiere schedule are each worth checking out as well.

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