Spoilers below for anyone who isn't caught up with The Walking Dead through Episode 15.

While each season of The Walking Dead has myriad ups and downs for its characters and plotlines, everything usually comes together in spectacular ways for the finales, and Season 8 looks to be no different, with the All Out War's denouement now so close that we can smell it. (And it's pretty gross.) But while we know that it'll be an exciting and game-changing experience, there are still so many situations that have yet to be cleared up, with more mysteries presumably being introduced during the finale itself. Before we start considering Season 9's enigmas, though, let's take a look at all the big questions we have about the Season 8 finale, titled "Wrath."

Will Negan Actually Die?

As TV has taught us time and again, war really only ends when either the good leader or the bad leader gets killed. The Walking Dead can't quite boast a "good" one, but Negan is probably worse in comparison to Rick, and while instincts would say that the big bad will meet his maker in the Season 8 finale, that's not at all how it goes in the source material. Will the TV show stay faithful to Negan's comic fate, or will fans have to bid Jeffrey Dean Morgan a pants-shittingly fond farewell?

Our Guess: Rick will have mercy on Negan, but someone else will deliver the unwanted death blow.

What Makes Morgan Leave?

For months now, we've known that Lennie James' Morgan Jones would be the first character to cross over from the flagship series to companion series Fear the Walking Dead, but all involved have been a lot less open about why that was going down. That outcome is likely tied to the fact that Morgan is regularly having hallucinations, sometimes of dead people and sometimes of living people as if they're dead. So things will almost definitely come down to him killing someone he shouldn't have, or not killing someone that he needed to.

Our Guess: As mentioned above, Morgan will probably kill Negan (or some other important character) against others' wishes, and he'll exile himself.

Will Jadis Ever Get Her Helicopter Ride?

After being introduced as a silent menace, Pollyanna McIntosh's Jadis finally got time to shine after her group was brutally massacred, and she's a lynchpin in the big helicopter mystery that's gotten more relevant recently (but won't be explained yet). Negan may have thwarted her latest chances for escape, but was that the only time window for her to leave, or does the helicopter's unidentified pilot make regular scouting trips to seek survivors? And either way, will Jadis be one of the few Rick-crossing characters to make a clean getaway, or will she get killed off before making an airborne exit?

Our Guess_: _ No one survives a Rick betrayal for long, so we think she'll meet her maker, but probably not in the heat of a battle or helicopter crash.

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