The Complicated Way Jersey Shore Actually Gets The Cast Into Nightclubs

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Clubs aren't just a form of entertainment for the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, they're a way of life. Fans see the cast party and witness the bad decisions that result from it, but what they don't see is the ridiculously complicated process that goes on behind the scenes to make it happen. Now, MTV has given viewers a look behind the curtain as the show's crew share just how much legwork goes into club scenes, or any time the cast wants to go out:

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast can choose wherever they want to go, and it's on the show's crew to make sure the cameras are there to film whatever goes down. As the video explained, this sometimes means frantic phone calls with the staff, friends of the manager, and whoever has the power to give the ok for the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation production crew to haul their equipment in so they can capture everything that goes down. In the case of the Miami club Mokai, the production crew didn't get the ok until half an hour before the club opened, which had to be a stressful situation for the people trying to make that happen.

As stressful as it may be, it's hard to deny the effort isn't worthwhile. Some of the most iconic moments of the Jersey Shore happened in the club, and had the crew not been able to get inside to film that night at Mokai, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation wouldn't have all that current drama surrounding cast member Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Granted, Ronnie might've preferred the crew had been barred from filming that night as that whole situation with "French Fry," has become nothing but trouble for him.

The crew's effort to give the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast the freedom to go where they want is also appreciated, as it gives the reality program a slightly more authentic feel. If the cast were limited to the places they could go to based on an approved list of places, Miami would definitely feel restrictive and much smaller than it actually is. Now if the crew could just politely suggest the cast pick a place that doesn't exclusively cater to fist-pumping music, perhaps the audience could see more of Miami's diverse nightlife?

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