The Bizarre Way Ronnie Reacted To Cheating On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation episode "About Last Night." Read at your own risk!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was flirting with disaster when he took home several girls in the last episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and things went overboard when he took one of them into the bathroom during "About Last Night." Ronnie tried to convince his housemates nothing happened, but they weren't buying it and soon his guilt of cheating began to set in. After examining his actions, Ortiz-Magro reacted by crying not once, nor twice, but three times in three separate bathrooms throughout the course of the day in some of the show's most bizarre moments so far.

Ronnie's first crying spell came not long after he said goodbye to his partner in crime, who the rest of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast referred to as "French Fry." A very drunk Ron stumbled to the couch, began to spin a tale that no one seemed to believe until Snooki couldn't hold it in any longer and asked her friend what was wrong with him. Ronnie had a child on the way with a woman he'd been together with for a year, and yet he seemingly won't commit to her and is still making bad decisions.

It didn't take long for a very inebriated Ronnie to open up and explain that he can't commit because he still loves his ex and former housemate Sammi. Ronnie went on the most emotional rant the series has seen to date and ended by saying: "End of the day, I'm still fucking miserable." Soon after, he retreated to the bathroom and cried presumably over a mixture of what happened, and what his life had become.

Snooki, perhaps feeling bad she just pulled all that emotion out of her housemate on reality television, got Ronnie out of the bathroom and offered to drink with him and watch the sunrise. The two continued to pound "Ron Ron Juice" long after the sun rose, and decided to keep the party going out on the town. After one pitstop, the two found their way to a Señor Frog's, and somehow, they were still drinking and standing.

Ronnie's mood had improved, but when Snooki spotted a child and began to play air hockey with him, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation castmate began to imagine that moment could one day be his future. Once again the wave of guilt washed over Ronnie, and he headed to the bathroom to cry for a second time. As he cried, Ronnie stated that he was "a bad guy" and "a dick," which seemed to mean he felt more remorse for what had happened the previous night.

Ronnie's situation and mood only worsened as days passed and he couldn't get ahold of his girlfriend, Jen. Ronnie, convinced Jen wasn't taking his calls because she learned about what he did, began to spiral. Ortiz-Magro lost his appetite while out to dinner and excused himself from the rest of the housemates to go and cry in the bathroom for the third and final time. At first, Ronnie's tears seemed to be out of the realization that he sank his relationship, but Ortiz-Magro quickly asked upon returning what club everyone wants to go to tonight. With his logic, he's already been caught cheating, so he might as well cheat some more.

The cast finally nailed down Ronnie's girlfriend was mad over an Instagram video of him at the club, but will Ortiz-Magro come clean to Jen about what else happened? Fans will probably find out on the next Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at other shows airing in 2018, visit our midseason and summer premiere guides.

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