Riverdale's Black Hood Just Targeted A Fan Favorite, And We're Confused

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Riverdale episode "Shadow of a Doubt." Read at your own risk!

Riverdale's Black Hood has struck again, and this time, he's targeted a fan favorite. "Shadow of a Doubt" had many big moments happening all across town at the close of the episode, but none was as shocking than when Cheryl Blossom answered the door of her home to find none other than the Black Hood standing right on her doorstep. The bone-chilling moment brought us feelings of worry, fear, and quite frankly, a bit of confusion. What exactly does the Black Hood want with Cheryl?

After all, out of all the Riverdale characters who have been affected by the actions of the Black Hood, Cheryl Blossom is not one of them. Sure, it was once believed that the Black Hood is the one who forced Cheryl out of her role as Carrie White, but it has since been confirmed that was just a scheme by the jealous Ethel Muggs. As spooky as it is to think Cheryl is the Black Hood's next target, the whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense. How can anyone not love Cheryl?

The Black Hood's targets typically revolve around the sinners of the show, and while Cheryl is far from innocent, she's not quite a sinner. Sure, in some circles her recent coming out could be seen as a sin. That said, if the Black Hood were concerned with people's sexuality, one would imagine Kevin would've been targeted long before Cheryl. Given that, it would make more sense if the person who arrived at Cheryl's doorstep was not the actual Black Hood, but yet another imposter looking to get rid of Cheryl for other reasons.

The far more likely scenario here is that the person preparing to attack Cheryl is not the Black Hood, but rather her uncle Claudius. Claudius and Cheryl's mother Penelope have been working towards getting rid of Cheryl and her Nana Rose for quite a while now, although both women have been resilient in thwarting Claudius and Penelope's plans. With Cheryl threatening her mother and demanding emancipation and ownership of the home, this attack might be the scheming couple's final solution to getting rid of their Cheryl problem. That certainly makes more sense than an impromptu Black Hood attack, especially when Betty had just rung up the killer to meet her "where it all started."

Riverdale fans will see what is really going down with Cheryl as Season 2 continues on The CW Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those looking to see what other shows are coming to television in 2018 can find out by visiting our summer premiere guide. For more on Riverdale, be sure to revisit our old list of suspects for who could be the Black Hood, as there are a few candidates still looking pretty suspicious.

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