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Winter Anderson Billie Lourd American Horror Story FX

American Horror Story is marching towards Season 8, and it's bringing back a past fan favorite from Season 7 along for the ride. Billie Lourd, who made her debut in the Season 7 installment of the FX horror anthology series, will return to the cast for whatever premise Ryan Murphy has in store for Season 8. Lourd's casting pulls back the curtain just a little further, as slowly but surely more information is coming out about the next season of the acclaimed show.

Billie Lourd's role at this time is unknown, but Ryan Murphy has revealed that this coming season (which is set to begin production in June) will feature a storyline set in October 2019. The date has caused some to speculate that the premise will in some way be tied to Halloween, although a recent trademark filing by Fox has some wondering if the possible title of Season 8, American Horror Story: Radioactive could mean it's a post-apocalyptic tale. Murphy has also teased that the show will return to a tone similar to Asylum and Coven in its new season, which means Lourd might get a chance to play a character who's even more off the rails than Winter Anderson.

Billie Lourd's casting comes after the confirmation that American Horror Story will also bring back Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Cheyenne Jackson, Billy Eichner, Adina Porter, and Leslie Grossman. Also joining the cast this season is Joan Collins, who has a bit of a connection to Lourd's family. Collins starred alongside Lourd's grandmother Debbie Reynolds in the 2001 TV movie These Old Broads, which was written by Lourd's mother Carrie Fischer.

As previously mentioned, Billie Lourd made her debut in American Horror Story: Cult as the radical liberal who was deathly afraid of children, Winter Anderson. Her character in Season 7 was certainly interesting to watch and well received by fans, but it would be great to see Lourd take a step in a crazier direction with a new character. It would be wild to see Lourd, who typically plays calm and subdued characters, to take on a role on the same level as one of Evan Peters characters he's played.

American Horror Story Season 8 will premiere on FX October 2019. That's a long time to wait, although the show's fans will have plenty to occupy themselves with as there are plenty of great shows premiering on television each and every day. Head on over to CinemaBlend's summer premiere guide to see a full breakdown of what's to come, as well as the dates in which new shows are premiering. For more on Billie Lourd, take a look at the adorable but heartbreaking photo the actress shared on Star Wars day of her and Carrie Fischer.