The Insane Rumor About One Current Bachelorette Contestant That Is Sure To Gross You Out

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Well, the first episode of this year's version of The Bachelorette just aired a few days ago, but there's already a really gross and insane rumor going around about one of the contestants. Prepare yourselves, folks, 'cause this one's a doozy! Allegedly, Season 14 of the popular dating franchise is home to a man who enjoys pooping on the floor. And that man (again, allegedly) is 26-year-old Lincoln. Alright, let's dive into this.

To start, let's be clear once more that this is a rumor. No one who alleges to have witnessed (Yes, witnessed!) this odd, confusing, troubling, gross and utterly hilarious series of events has gone on record with their name, rank and serial number to talk about what happened. And, Lincoln himself hasn't addressed the report, nor has it come up on the show, so while we can't say it's 100% true, we can absolutely say that it's...intriguing.

OK, according to some posters on The Bachelorette's reddit page, Lincoln was known, in his last job, to go into the men's room at work, pile toilet paper on the floor and then poop on it. The reddit thread has quite a few comments deleted at this point (this particular revelation came to light about two months ago, when Lincoln appeared as one of Becca's new potential suitors after she was first announced as the new Bachelorette), but the story has now caught on enough that Life & Style confirmed the reports with an anonymous source. This source claims they actually walked into the bathroom (more than once) and caught Lincoln in the act of squatting over a mound of toilet paper on the floor and doing his business. Said source also reported that he took a photo of the incident because he knew he'd have to prove to people that he saw such a thing.

Now, while this whole (alleged) issue is odd in its own right, things get a bit more confusing when you look at what was said by the anonymous source and what was said on reddit. According to the source, Lincoln always cleaned things up himself once he was done, but one reddit poster who claimed intimate knowledge of the story noted that he never did any such thing and left it for the custodians to take care of.

Phew, alright. I will just say right now that whether or not Lincoln cleaned up his (alleged) mess is not even the biggest problem here. I, personally, am in the habit of pretending I'm not even in public restrooms when, in reality, I am. Ergo, the thought of walking into one and being faced with someone who's taking an (alleged) dump on the floor right in front of me is...well, it's enough to make me head home anytime I'm out in the world and realize I have to use the bathroom. Really, while we've all certainly come across many shitty (pun intended) public bathrooms during our time on Earth, has the thought of something like this happening ever come close to entering your mind? I'm gonna say no, it hasn't. So, you know, you're welcome.

Well, something both the source and reddit posters agreed on is the fact that Lincoln's alleged actions got him in some trouble with human resources, which it would. Life & Style's source noted that no one ever seemed to get to the bottom of why Lincoln was so frequently engaged in the alleged offense, but my favorite potential reasoning is that he simply swallowed something valuable and needed to find it.

You can see if Lincoln will be forced to deal with reports of his alleged bathroom behavior this season when The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. For more, likely less scatological television, you can visit our summer premiere guide.

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