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When The Sinner got a surprise renewal beyond what was supposed to be a one-offlimited series, fans who were sucked into all the intrigue of the first season could look forward to a second batch of episodes. Jessica Biel won't star in the second season after how the first season finished Cora's story, but she's still on board as executive producer, and she shared a trailer for Season 2 that showcases Bill Pullman as Detective Harry Ambrose as well as newcomer Carrie Coon and a kid who is already downright unsettling in the most exciting way. Take a look!

Just like how the first season didn't bother to hide the fact that Cora really did kill somebody in a bloody (and public) act of violence, the trailer for the second season doesn't shy away from the fact that a 13-year-old boy killed his parents. Young Julian will be arrested for the murders of his parents, but there's clearly a lot more to the story, and not just because he apparently doesn't have much of a motive.

Obviously this trailer (as posted by Jessica Biel on Instagram) isn't enough to give away the biggest plot points, but my interest is definitely piqued at the mention of the parents being poisoned despite the footage that seems to indicate a bloody mess. Of course, it's entirely possible that one or both of his parents fell on something that cut them and resulted in that bloody mess after the poison took effect, or maybe it was even a poison that results in hemorrhaging blood. There's definitely something fishy about their deaths, one of which seems to have occurred in the bathroom. The quick shot of Julian standing in what appears to be the motel room crime seen makes it look like he was surprised at what he was seeing.

Judging by the commentary from Natalie Paul's character Heather -- who is training to become a detective and is responsible for bringing Harry Ambrose in for the case, according to an earlier plot description -- has her doubts about the kind of parents they were. They evidently did not pack a bag for Julian when they headed to the motel, and Ambrose is heard wondering what they could have had planned for him. If Season 2 goes as dark as Season 1 did, we can bet that the parents did not have Julian's best interests at heart.

Carrie Coon's Vera seems to be in on at least some of the mystery that surrounds the case, and the character was originally described as formidable as she must choose between what she wants and what the community expects. Throw in the mysterious disappearance of Heather's high school best friend, and Ambrose's hands will undoubtedly be full when he returns to his hometown. And there's going to be a fire!

You can catch the first episode of The Sinner Season 2 on Wednesday, August 1 on USA. There's still time to pass before Harry Ambrose has to face yet another mystery, so be sure to check out our summer TV premiere schedule and our 2018 Netflix premiere guide.