Andy Samberg On Why Moving Brooklyn Nine-Nine To NBC Was Easy For Him

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The past few months have seen quite a few cancelled shows get brought back by other networks, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine being one of the more notable shows that got a new lease on life. The show will premiere on NBC for its upcoming Season 6 and has been a homecoming of sorts for actor Andy Samberg, who got his start on Saturday Night Live. Samberg confirmed that the trip back to NBC was really easy for him, and that he felt welcomed by the NBC family when he appeared alongside the cast for NBC's Upfronts:

Literally when we flew out to New York for Upfronts, I was welcomed back to New York by all of the security guards at 30 Rock. They were like 'Hey! Welcome back!' and gave me big hugs and I was like 'Oh, this feels like home in a way.' It made a lot easier, especially considering on that Friday we were talking about potentially flying to New York to go to the Fox Upfront, and then canceled, and then I was crushed. If it had been somewhere else it would've been even more surreal because we wouldn't have known anyone and it would've been just kind of thrown into this new thing.

Andy Samberg got a warm welcome from the staff over at 30 Rock, and overall appears to be happy that NBC brought back Brooklyn Nine-Nine, even if it will have a reduced episode count for Season 6. Samberg also acknowledged the moment felt especially welcoming, as he's returning to a network he once called home, as opposed to another network where he doesn't know anyone or anything. The actor certainly seems to be familiar with the security staff of 30 Rock, whom he told Variety gave him a big hug when he arrived on the premises.

Andy Samberg is very grateful NBC happened to pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but also stated he's just happy the show is back in general. Samberg admitted that while it is great he ended up at a network he's familiar with, he's ultimately most happy about the opportunity to continue the series:

I would've been happy almost anywhere because I love this show so much and I wanted to keep doing it, but for me personally having already spent time working at NBC, I really enjoyed that experience.

The jump of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to NBC isn't just enjoyable for Andy Samberg, however, as the actor's co-star Terry Crews is also excited to be a part of the network. Crews, who has been a part of three different networks on past shows prior to coming to NBC, said he was honored to appear on the same network that hosted Bob Hope specials and Sanford and Son. Crews said the jump of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to NBC is great for the show, and said he believes will help the series grow more in the future.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return to television for Season 6 at NBC. For a look at the network's upcoming fall lineup, click here. Those looking for some shows to check out before the fall season should head over to our summer premiere guide and see what's just around the corner.

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