NBC's 2018-2019 Fall Schedule Brings Changes To The Blacklist And Law And Order: SVU

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With all the recent cancellations that lit up broadcast network news in recent days, it's always nice to hear some positive news, and NBC has revealed what fans can expect to see hitting its primetime schedule this fall. There are some major night switcheroos therein that viewers will need to get used to for Law & Order: SVU, The Blacklist and the Chicago dramas. Not to mention a few big debuts from the network's newest series. You can check out the full lineup below, minus specific release dates, noting that freshman premieres are marked in all caps.

MONDAY8 p.m. --- The Voice10 p.m. --- MANIFESTTUESDAY8 p.m. --- The Voice9 p.m. --- This Is Us10 p.m. --- NEW AMSTERDAMWEDNESDAY8 p.m. --- Chicago Med9 p.m. --- Chicago Fire10 p.m. --- Chicago P.D.THURSDAY8 p.m. --- Superstore8:30 p.m. --- The Good Place9 p.m. --- Will & Grace9:30 p.m. --- I FEEL BAD10 p.m. --- Law & Order: SVUFRIDAY8 p.m. -- Blindspot9 p.m. --- Midnight, Texas10 p.m. --- Dateline NBCSATURDAY8 p.m. --- Dateline Saturday Night Mystery10 p.m. -- Saturday Night Live (Repeats)SUNDAY7 p.m. --- Football Night in America8 p.m. --- NBC Sunday Night Football

Let's break down the biggest change-up here, which is mainly centered on Wednesday-Friday evenings. The network's longest-running drama Law & Order: SVU will be pulled out of its normal midweek timeslot to make the move to Thursday nights, which is a big shift for a dependable ratings winner heading into a hallmark 20th season. Hopefully the fans follow, so that NBC doesn't immediately regret pushing Benson, Fin and the others to a new night.

The arrival of Chicago Med on Wednesday nights meant The Blacklist needed to find a new night for its upcoming Season 6, and it will be moving to Friday evenings. Which makes a certain amount of sense, since the drama's audience hasn't dipped to totals that seemingly put it closer to potential cancellation than ever before. But unfortunately for fans, that won't even be happening until January, after the midseason break. Before The Blacklist can return to follow up on its big Season 5 finale, NBC will be airing the second season of the supernatural drama Midnight, Texas.

For its Wednesday nights, NBC is finally deciding to bring together its trio of Chicago dramas for a single block of same-city action. It's probably the smartest decision to run with right now, what with Chicago Fire possibly going through some casting changes ahead of Season 7. Not to mention the way Chicago P.D. capped off its latest season by killing off a main character, which will shake up where the story goes in the near future. We have yet to see how Chicago Med will wrap up its own latest season.

Elsewhere, NBC's schedule looks largely the same, albeit with new additions like the weirdo drama Manifest and Ryan Eggold's medical drama New Amsterdam. The Voice Season 15 is keeping its judge lineup the same, and isn't moving from its Monday and Tuesday night slots, and the network is definitely keeping This Is Us locked into its Tuesday home. Thursday nights will remain the network's only time to find its comedy offerings, anchored by Will & Grace's second revival season.

Joining The Blacklist in the midseason lineup will be the rest of NBC's new and returning series that aren't seen above, such as Good Girls Season 2, the next season of the former Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the comedy Abby's, Jennifer Carpenter's spy drama The Enemy Within. So we'll be waiting some months to hear about when and where those anticipated projects will pop up in our lives.

There is still an entire TV season in between now and that NBC fall lineup, with some major season finales still left to air. So bookmark our summer premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows that will hit primetime soon.

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