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When it was announced that fans would finally get a new TV show set in the Star Trek universe, folks were very worried about whether or not Discovery, especially as a prequel series, would be mindful of sticking to canon. Well, now actor Jason Isaacs has revealed why that worry was, and will continue to be, unfounded. Here's what he had to say on the matter:

What no one realized until we started, and I think you all realized pretty soon, is the writer's room is full of insane Trekkers, insane geeks, who would spend days arguing over canon and whether something was hard canon or soft canon... They would argue over what was and wasn't allowed. Believe me, the redesign of things, the Klingons for instance, or of the communication tools, was the subject of endless, endless debate. Nothing was done lightly and nothing was done cynically.

According to Jason Isaacs, even notable changes from what fans saw in Star Trek: The Original Series were a big deal to everyone in the writer's room. As befitting a show with this type of fanbase, the writers were all die hard fans of the franchise who could, and did, get into deep discussions about Trek canon when it came time to make decisions on everything from the look of the Klingons to the redesign of elements like technology and uniforms. Everything was filtered through the lens and knowledge of true Trekkies, and Isaacs seems to believe that as long as proper consideration was taken with these changes, fans need not worry that differences from TOS will diminish the power of what we know to be canon from that show.

In the run up to the debut of Star Trek: Discovery, there were a lot of controversies about how the show seemed to be dealing with its prequel nature. Fans were freaked out over the look of the Klingons, especially, who were a lot scarier looking than both the TOS aliens and the Worf-like Klingons that we know from subsequent shows. Some fans were not happy that Discovery decided to have interpersonal conflicts between members of the ship's crew, something that was largely unheard of in every other iteration of the franchise. And, there were even those who were annoyed by the diversity of the actors cast in the new show.

While Jason Isaacs was clearly against those who disliked the diversity of the show, he did note in his talk at Star Trek Las Vegas con (via TrekMovie) that he was sympathetic to the fans who had concerns about whether or not Star Trek: Discovery would stick to canon:

These stories had been told in a world of love and inclusiveness for so many decades and people were rightly very reticent about whether we were going to do it badly and whether we were going to honor Gene Roddenberry's original vision.

While we don't know yet if there is any hope that we we see Jason Isaacs on Star Trek: Discovery again, it certainly sounds like he understands the fans and the world he became a part of when he decided to take on the role of Captain Lorca.

Star Trek: Discovery will debut Season 2 in January 2019 on CBS All Access, and you'll be able to watch Star Trek: Short Treks on the same service this fall. For more on what you can watch on the small screen in the coming weeks, check out our summer premiere guide and 2018 fall premiere schedule.