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Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched Fear the Walking Dead's midseason premiere.

When Fear the Walking Dead returned for the Madison-free back half of Season 4, audiences were shocked to hear Morgan claim he's intending to travel back to Alexandria to be with Team Family once more. But before that does or doesn't happen, Morgan will be responsible for a major game-changing plot point. Franchise star Lennie James spoke with CinemaBlend to promote The Walking Dead: The Complete Eighth Season Blu-ray, which comes out on August 21, and he revealed the seemingly incidental Fear moment that changes everything for Morgan.

There's a very interesting thing that happens that I can say, i think, in the back half of Season 4 on Fear the Walking Dead. I think -- I may be wrong -- I think Morgan tells his first real lie in these episodes that you're about to watch, and I think it's a fundamental lie, and I think it's a lie based on something that Morgan is keeping not just from the people around him, but also from himself. I think that there is a moment when Morgan tells an untruth, whereby he will be defined by who he was before that lie was out in the world, and who he will be after that lie is out in the world.

Everybody strap on a thinking cap and grab your thinking staff and start guessing what kind of lie Morgan is going to tell that drives a wedge between who he was and who he will be. I'm all the more excited by something so non-explosive and relatively normal being the inciting factor in Morgan's character shift, since those are usually generated by tragedy and loss. (Case in point: Alicia.)

Here's what else Lennie James told me about Morgan's mega-fib:

One of the things I really like about the way Andrew and Ian are tackling Morgan in the Fear world is that some of the fundamental changes in the character happen over small, almost incidental incidents, and that's kind of one of them. And it's only when the lie is found out that things shift for Morgan, so I'm looking forward to the fans seeing that, and taking on board what that does to Morgan, and also what that does to the people around him.

One would think the lie would be of a mountainous stature, such as "No, all that fish I just served everyone is NOT laced with poison." I could see that kind of fabrication making a dent in Morgan's existence, as well as the other survivors. Or, perhaps, if he took a note from the Book of Eugene and told Alicia, John and everyone else a whopper about scientists and/or a cure just to get them to join him on this trek back to Alexandria. That wouldn't be the most morally dignified thing to do, even if it would mean more crossovers.

For most intents and purposes, Morgan's overall lack of dishonesty in The Walking Dead's universe can be explained by him just not having a whole lot to lie about at this point after society's collapse. Even beyond that, he's a genuine and frank person whose life experiences in the post-apocalypse have essentially made him transcend the act of bullshitting anyone about anything. I mean, he may have fibbed to a Savior or two before putting them out of their misery, but it's not something that happens with those he trusts the most. When he's going crazy, he tells people he's going crazy, which is always a good call.

Walking Dead fans will go crazy for The Complete Eighth Season Blu-ray set, which comes out on Tuesday, August 21, and features commentaries from the cast and crew on three select episodes. As well, the set has a selection of behind-the-scenes extras to keep viewers busy when the season has been rewatched, and Carl-lovers are going to want to see the Chandler Riggs-centered featurette about Season 8's biggest death.

What do you guys think will happen with Morgan in the back half of Fear the Walking Dead? And how will it affect Season 5? Let us know in the comments, and tune into AMC every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET to see where the story will go next. And in the meantime, head to our fall premiere schedule to see what else will be hitting primetime soon.

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