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Saturday Night Live cast members might be known for their goofy and sometimes spot-on impressions of celebrities, but now and again, the legendary late night show decides to go outside its group of Not Ready For Primetime Players and bring in a ringer. That's happened during the past few seasons as Alec Baldwin has played President Donald Trump, and it happened again last night when Matt Damon showed up to play Judge Brett Kavanaugh. You can watch the yelling and sniffling performance below...

Because of how uncertain Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court currently is and because of how rarely Saturday Night Live actually depicts sitting Supreme Court justices in sketches, it's highly unlikely Matt Damon has committed to a regular gig here. He's not going to be having to choose between movie roles and satisfying the public who wants more Brett Kavanaugh sketches. Odds are it's probably a one-off performance, though if the FBI Investigation leads to more testimony or another highly-watched media circus, we may see Damon's caricature one more time. That's the thing about celebrity impressions. No matter how good they are, how often they reappear is typically related to whether said person is still in the news.

Seasoned SNL fans likely recognized one additional cameo beyond Damon in the above sketch, as well. Longtime cast member Rachel Dratch also showed up as Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, which feels fitting. There are certain people who perform on Saturday Night Live and then move on to other projects without really looking back. Then there are others who just feel like SNL people for life. Dratch followed Tina Fey to 30 Rock, and she's randomly popped up in several episodes in the years since. I'm sure this won't be the last time we see here either.

Season 44 of Saturday Night Live premiered last night on NBC. Perhaps even more impressively, the episode was the 851st in the show's storied history. At this point, it shows no signs of slowing down. One would assume longtime producer Lorne Michaels probably doesn't have a ton more seasons left in him at the age of 73, but there would certainly be something fitting about him sticking it out until Season 50. But who knows? Fingers crossed.

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