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Deadpool Writers' New Show Wayne Looks As Brutal As Expected In First Trailer

YouTube struck gold with its original offering Cobra Kai earlier this year, and it looks like the site is set to introduce another action-packed adventure in 2019. The first trailer for Wayne is exceptionally brutal, but that's to be expected from the writers of Deadpool, who have switched gears to tell the story of two tough kids from Massachusetts.

As expected, Wayne doesn't pull punches on the violence. Granted, we aren't seeing limbs severed or people getting killed left and right, but there's quite a bit of blood that flows in this coming-of-age road trip adventure. Wayne definitely looks to be the hero audiences can get behind, at least until he ends up getting killed for stepping up one too many times.

The stories are way different, but there are definitely some similarities between the trailer for Wayne, and the Netflix series The End Of The F*ing World. The comparison really feels spot on during the diner scene, which features Del insulting an older waitress trying to give them a hard time. There's also some comparison to be made in the sense that this is a gritty story about two rough and tumble teens going on an adventure.

As seen in the trailer, Wayne is the story of a boy from Brockton, Massachusetts on a mission to steal a car back on his father's behalf. The trip will send him and his girlfriend Del on a road trip to Florida to confront the man that ran off with his mother all those years ago. It's clear the journey won't be easy, but both Wayne and Del seem to be conditioned to face any challenge that requires a fight.

Wayne is a new series from the same folks behind Deadpool, but was created by Shawn Simmons. Simmons has had a run in Hollywood as a writer on a few shows, including the twisted Adult Swim animated adventure Mr. Pickles. Simmons has also worked on the Disney XD show Kirby Buckets. Wayne will be his latest project, with all episodes scheduled to hit YouTube on Wednesday, January 16.

Wayne is one of the first YouTube originals to lead off 2019, in a year that should see quite a few original offerings from YouTube Premium. The action comedy is among a few other original comedies that will premiere on the streaming service in 2019, such as Becoming A God In Central Florida and the anthology Weird City. YouTube Premium will also be bringing back its acclaimed series Cobra Kai in 2019 and premiere its anticipated Season 2.

As mentioned, Wayne is scheduled to premiere Season 1 on YouTube Premium Wednesday, January 16. For a look at what else is coming to television before and after its premiere, head on over to our fall and midseason premiere guide.

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