The End Of The F***ing World Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix

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Everyone, the end of the fucking wait for more news about Netflix's The End of the F*ing World is now here, as the streaming company has finally ordered an official renewal. Season 2 is coming, which means viewers will get to quite a few more hours with Alex Lawther's James and Jessica Barden's Alyssa, one of television's most star-crossed (and corpse-crossed) couplings. Now let's get down to the brass tacks.

For Season 2, The End of the F*ing World will once again get eight episodes to duck and dive through the next stages of James and Alyssa's morally defunct coming-of-age tale. That episode count felt just right for the first batch of eps -- fitting, since U.K. TV shows have perfected the short-season format -- so there was obviously no reason to change things up for the sophomore season. And, thankfully, writer Charlie Covell will return as the showrunner and head writer for Season 2, so don't expect there to be any major shifts in the show's tone or personality.

Unfortunately, Netflix's The End of the F*ing World renewal did not come with any explosive plot descriptions cluing fans in on what went down after the screen faded to black to conclude the Season 1 finale. Which is understandable in the scheme of things -- SPOILER WARNING for those who haven't finished Season 1 -- the story initially concludes with the cops closing in on James and Alyssa, with the former attempting to take all of the litigious guilt and blame for himself, while also hauling ass down a beach. In the final moments, a gunshot is heard, though audiences are clueless about who, if anyone, actually got shot.

But if common sense and the "we" in the tweet below are to be believed, neither James nor Alyssa were met with any fatal injuries, and both will get back to sadistic basics when Season 2 kicks off.

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Based on the award-winning graphic novel by Charles Forsman, The End of the F*ing World was co-commissioned by Netflix and Channel 4, the U.K. television network where the dark comedy will air. (It's a Netflix exclusive to the rest of the world.) While the streaming giant famously doesn't go public with its viewer stats, it's reported that the unique teen dramedy has done quite well with audiences, and the overwhelming critical acclaim has assumedly roped unfamiliar subscribers into trying it out. Here's hoping Season 2 can keep the momentum going.

While waiting to hear more about Season 2, the first season of The End of the F*ing World is currently available to stream in full on Netflix (opens in new tab). Head to our 2018 Netflix schedule to see all the other new and returning shows hitting primetime and beyond soon, and our fall premiere schedule will loop fans in on linear TV's biggest and brightest.

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