Stephen King's The Outsider Is Getting A TV Show With Rogue One's Ben Mendelsohn

Krennic Ben Mendelsohn Star Wars: Rogue One

Another Stephen King novel is getting adapted into a television series, and another big name is Hollywood is attached to play a part in it. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Ben Mendelsohn will join the world of King and be a part of a seemingly normal crime story that, as is often the case in the author's work, gets spooky pretty quick. Mendelsohn will star in the series, which is an adaptation of The Outsider.

HBO has picked up The Outsider for its latest book-adapted series and was rather quick to the punch. The book was only released in May of 2018, which shows that the big screen isn't just hot for the classic works of Stephen King. The story focuses on a man accused of a gruesome murder, which initially seems like an open-and-shut case. Of course, as an investigator dives deeper, he discovers something strange and that all may not be as it seems.

As mentioned, Variety listed Ben Mendelsohn in the starring role of The Outsider, but did not specifically announce which role he will be playing. Police detective Ralph Anderson would be a possibility, as he leads the investigation and discovers the weirdness happening in the case that prompts him to dig deeper and get in over his head with a "supernatural force" that has some bad intentions. Mendelsohn could also be playing the book's accused murderer, Terry Maitland.

Ben Mendelsohn's starring role in The Outsider is the first television role he's had in a few years, with the last character he portrayed on the small screen being Danny Rayburn on Bloodline. Since then he's been mostly a part of the film world, with Robin Hood and Captain Marvel both listed as one of his recent credits. Mendelsohn won an Emmy the last time he was on a television series, so perhaps HBO is hoping he'll repeat that trend.

Ben Mendelsohn isn't the only notable name to have been announced alongside The Outsider adaptation, as Jason Bateman has jumped onto the project as well. For now, Bateman's contribution is said to be behind the camera, as the Ozark and Arrested Development actor will direct two episodes of the upcoming series. Bateman will also serve as an executive producer on the show under his production company Aggregate Films.

News of The Outsider being adapted first surfaced in June. Stephen King had been given an option to executive produce the project but does not seem to have accepted at this time. Richard Price has been attached to write and executive produce and will do so with two men who worked on another King adaptation Mr. Mercedes, Jack Bender and Marty Bowen.

The Outsider is coming to HBO but is still in casting stages at this time. New television is just on the horizon, however, and if anyone is having trouble finding out what quality television is worth checking out over the next couple of weeks and 2019, feel free to visit our fall and midseason premiere guides to get informed.

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