The "Yanny" or "Laurel" debate dominated internet discussion in the earlier months of 2018, and had folks going back and forth about which they heard. Now, a new internet debate has emerged to take its place -- and this one is much more hilarious. It features Sesame Street's Grover and some risky language. Check out the video below and ask yourself, "Did Grover just drop an f-bomb?"

Either Sesame Street has gotten a little more raunchy with its writing since its partial acquisition by HBO, or the world has another auditory illusion on its hands. Considering Sesame Street Workshop attempted to sue The Happytime Murders for referencing its brand earlier in the year, it's safe to speculate it's the latter. Regardless, it definitely sounds to me like Grover said "fucking" in his response to Rosita's idea.

There are others who can only hear the same thing, and apparently they like this edgy Grover more than the original.

After all, there are few things funnier than unexpected things happening in places they aren't supposed to. It's possible folks who want Grover to have said "fucking" on Sesame Street are only capable of hearing it that way because it's much funnier that way. If Grover said "sounds like an" instead, well, that's a lot more boring and obviously run-of-the-mill banter on the program. That's not controversial at all.

This may be why there are others who aren't willing to play along and aren't willing to say Grover said anything other than "sounds like an." These folks aren't playing games, nor humoring the idea that a children's program would air such obscenities for young ears to hear.

Obviously, this stance is the most logical solution. An iconic children's show like Sesame Street has had some controversies over the years, but it's unlikely it'd seek to start one with a swearing Grover. While it's fun to imagine the character may have dropped an f-bomb, the reality would seemingly be that he didn't and this is just the internet having some fun.

Of course, there's the third group in this debate. There are many who believe this is just an auditory illusion, which was the theory first presented in the Reddit thread about it. Those who wish to hear it one way or the other can seemingly do so by thinking of the version they want to hear in their heads. Obviously, that's not the case with everyone, which is why this debate is going back and forth online.

Sesame Street, a show that is typically good at referencing hot moments in pop culture and trendy things, has not commented on Grover's controversy. Sesame Street airs new episodes Saturdays on HBO and still airs daily on PBS Kids. For a look at what's left on television in 2018, head on over to our fall premiere guide. Those looking ahead to 2019 can see what's coming with our midseason premiere guide.

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