Young Justice: Outsiders Had The Most Awesomely Weird Teen Titans Go! Crossover

Young Justice: Outsiders just wrapped up its first batch of Season 1 episodes DC Universe, delivering some  surprising reveals in Episodes 10-13. In a twist I'm sure very few saw coming, the superhero series crossed over with Teen Titans Go! in the most awesomely weird mash-up that a DC series has done in quite a while. Considering "Elseworlds" only happened not that long ago, that's really saying something. Experience the madness of Doom Patrol Go!

For those keeping score at home, that was a Teen Titans Go! crossover with DC weirdoes the Doom Patrol, during an episode of Young Justice: Outsiders. Granted, this Doom Patrol team featured some differences from the upcoming DC Universe Doom Patrol series, which itself is slightly altered from the one that appeared on Titans.

So this is really more of a two-show crossover than three or four. That was probably evident from the fact the heroes are voiced by the cast from Teen Titans Go! and the fact that Negative Man was Negative Woman. But did that make it any less awesome? Of course not.

So, how did this moment happen? SPOILER ALERT for those not watching Young Justice: Outsiders, or those who haven't caught up yet. This weirdness was a result of Beast Boy unwittingly putting on some virtual reality goggles being used by The Light to hypnotize users who had the meta gene and then coerce them into going to a certain location. (The usual plot.) The goggles put Beast Boy into a psychic fugue state, leading to that vivid Teen Titans Go! goodness.

Before that, things got pretty dark as Beast Boy was haunted by visions of dead friends like Wally West and Jason Todd. This prompted him to "change the channel" to Doom Patrol Go!, which was still pretty dark for those who paid attention to what was discussed. Beast Boy was forced to say goodbye to his second mom Elastigirl again, and re-enacted a satirized version of how his life played out from then on.

As for some other easter eggs that may have slid under the radar, it's noteworthy that Young Justice: Outsiders would feature Teen Titans Go! so soon after Greg Cipes stepped in as the voice of YJ's Beast Boy. Viewers will also remember the bit at the end, which is a callback to the TV series "Hello, Megan" which featured a character Miss Martian based her persona on.

To bring this whole thing full-circle, Beast Boy's mom was the lead actress in "Hello Megan" and Elastigirl's name "Rita Farr" can be seen as a featured actress in the faux opening crawl. Basically, whoever sketched out this entire segment really did their homework, although that's not at all surprising when it comes to Young Justice: Outsiders. Hopefully this is just the first of many awesome references to other DC properties the show does going forward!

Young Justice: Outsiders is currently streaming on DC Universe. For more on what's happening on television in 2019, be sure to visit and bookmark our midseason premiere guide.

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