Kenan Thompson Is Bringing All That Back To TV

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Kenan Thompson is bringing All That back to TV. The sketch comedy series will be making its grand return, and it will do so on the network that the original aired on: Nickelodeon.

Kenan Thompson will executive produce the All That reboot, which will feature an all-new cast. Thompson told Variety that he plans to take an active role in the development of the new All That. That is something he will balance with his work on Saturday Night Live.

All That premiered in 1994 and aired for ten seasons before drawing to a close in 2005. The series was a beloved and cherished series for regular Nickelodeon viewers, with yours truly among them. Nickelodeon’s President and All That’s co-creator Brian Robbins revealed how the show would make its return.

The plan is to bring All That back this summer. When it returns, it will bring back many of the show’s original cast members. Who those returning cast members turn out to be will be fun to find out. Nickelodeon plans to have original cast members appear throughout the season.

Hopefully Kenan Thompson will be among them. Since he is executive producing the All That reboot, there seems to be a lot of reason to hope he will.

As for the content, fans will undoubtedly want to know which ones will be back. So, what can legacy fans of All That expect on that front? Brian Robbins said that the reboot would offer a “mash-up” of sorts with a combination of old and new sketches. It is news that will undoubtedly excite long-time fans of the show.

For many, All That was must-see TV viewing growing up. It was the chance to watch a kid-friendly version of Saturday Night Live! All That was also the starting point for many future superstars.

Kenan Thompson starred on the original series, and he has gone on to achieve incredible things. Thompson’s Kenan and Kel co-star, Kel Mitchell also starred with Thompson on All That. Both were original cast members.

Amanda Bynes is another All That alum. She joined the show in Season 2 and went on to have lots of success in movies. Long before he was the host of The Masked Singer, television mainstay Nick Cannon also starred on All That.

Emma Stone revealed that she had auditioned for All That, at one point. It did not go well, which led to her not being cast. Those who did make it include Britney Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears. She starred on later years of the show.

It would be beyond awesome if some of the names mentioned above were able to make it back for All That when it returns. Time will tell if they do. All That is currently slated to return this summer on Nickelodeon. To pass the time, tons of shows await viewers during the midseason.

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