Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson Has A New Show With Chrissy Teigen And More

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Kenan Thompson already had one of the biggest names in comedy on NBC thanks to his status as the longest-running cast member on Saturday Night Live, and he has now signed on to be part of another show. He’ll join Chrissy Teigen and more to bring a comedy competition series to the small screen. It will be called Bring the Funny, and here is what you need to know about it.

Bring the Funny delivers Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson, Lip Sync Battle presenter and Twitter favorite Chrissy Teigen, and popular stand-up comedian Jeff Foxworthy as judges of comedy acts. Comedian Amanda Seales is on board as host. What kind of acts will they judge? Well, by the sound of it, just about every kind of act out there.

The new NBC series will feature comedic acts including solo stand-up comics, sketch groups, musicians, magicians, puppeteers, YouTubers, and even podcasters. Anybody who has a special way of delivering laughs is a potential winner, and the person or group that comes out on top will win a $250,000 prize. They’ll also “see their name in lights in the Bring the Funny showcase.”

All things considered, Bring the Funny sounds kind of like a version of America’s Got Talent that focuses on comedy. As AGT fans know, that show regularly features comedic acts including stand-ups, musicians, puppeteers, magicians, and more. Puppeteers have even won the top prize in the past, and more than one comedian made it to the top 10 of Season 13 (and returned for the current Champions edition).

At least on Bring the Funny, the contestants get to go in knowing that the focus is on comedy rather than just talent in general! Selfishly, I’m hoping that regurgitators aren’t regularly featured. I’m still not over the Human Fountains on AGT, let alone The Regurgitator!

Bring the Funny is coming to television thanks to a partnership with Just for Laughs, an international organization that has brought many successful comedic acts into the limelight thanks to festivals, tours, and TV shows. NBC President of Alternative and Reality Meredith Ahr explained why the panel of judges was selected, saying this:

Kenan, Chrissy, Jeff and Amanda are not only hilarious, but are pioneers in their respective arenas and understand what it takes to have longevity and breadth in this industry. They, along with our partners at Just for Laughs, will be an insightful resource for the talent that takes our stage.

It’s certainly true that the three judges and host don’t all bring the same comedic talents to the table! Kenan Thompson is best-known for his sketch comedy work, with experience long before Saturday Night Live thanks to Nickelodeon’s All That. Chrissy Teigen largely delivers her humor via social media posts, which poke fun at everything ranging from current events to herself to her husband, John Legend.

Jeff Foxworthy is successful in a number of different comedy fields, and his stand-up has won him fans everywhere. As for Amanda Seales, she’s likely the least well-known of the celebrity comedians, but her diverse comedic background could make her the perfect fit for host.

If you’re interested in appearing on Bring the Funny, you can apply at The first season will run for ten episodes. No premiere date has released at this point, so swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule for some upcoming viewing options.

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